Zoes Kitchen Catering Menu Prices? Affordable and Delicious Options

Zoe’s kitchen catering menu prices vary depending on location and menu options. With fresh and healthy mediterranean-inspired options, zoe’s kitchen is an excellent choice for catering events of all sizes and types.

Their catering menu features a variety of options, including sandwich trays, dips and spreads, salads, mediterranean bowls, and desserts. Zoe’s kitchen also offers a vegetarian and gluten-free menu, as well as options for vegan and keto diets. Customers can choose from several catering packages, which include options for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Whatever the event, zoe’s kitchen’s catering menu is perfect for those who want healthy and delicious food at a reasonable price.

Zoes Kitchen Catering Menu Prices: Affordable and Delicious Options.

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Zoes Kitchen Catering Menu Offerings

Zoes kitchen catering is the perfect solution for any gathering. With a wide array of delicious options, there’s something for everyone. The mediterranean-inspired menu offers various catering choices. First up is the “mediterranean family meal” which feeds four people and includes grilled chicken and steak kabobs, hummus, greek salad, pita bread, and fresh fruit.

Another option is the “classic boxed lunches,” which offer selections like grilled chicken sandwiches, turkey and cheese sandwiches, or greek salad bowls. The “mediterranean bowls” offer hearty options with lentil soup, chicken, or shrimp kabobs and a choice of sides.

Don’t forget about the healthy options like the “mediterranean salad” and gluten-free selections like the “power grain bowls. ” Make your next event tasty and easy with zoes kitchen catering.

Zoes Kitchen Catering Prices

Zoes kitchen offers an affordable and delicious catering menu, with prices ranging from $7 to $12 per person. Comparatively, other restaurants charge up to $20 per person. Zoes kitchen also offers special discounts and promotions, such as 10% off for new catering customers and free delivery for orders over $200.

The menu includes a variety of options, from sandwiches and salads to mediterranean-inspired dishes and desserts. Zoes kitchen sources fresh and natural ingredients, making it a healthier choice for catering. The online ordering system also makes it easy to customize and order for any event.

With zoes kitchen catering, customers can enjoy budget-friendly prices without sacrificing taste and quality.

Convenience Of Ordering And Delivery

Ordering catering for your event was never this easy! With zoes kitchen’s online ordering process, you can get your hands on their delicious and affordable catering menu in just a few clicks. To start, visit their website and select ‘catering’ from the menu.

From there, you can choose your location, event date, and catering options. If you need more information, zoes kitchen also offers contact options for catering inquiries. Once you’re happy with your order, select your delivery option and check out. Zoes kitchen offers both delivery and pickup options, with availability varying by location.

Say goodbye to the stress of catering and let zoes kitchen do the work for you.

Customer Reviews And Testimonials

Zoes kitchen catering menu prices are affordable, but what about the quality? Based on customer feedback, it’s safe to say that zoes kitchen hits the mark in terms of both price and taste. Positive customer feedback is plentiful, including rave reviews about the mediterranean-inspired dishes that make up much of zoes kitchen’s catering menu.

Customers are also thrilled with the consistency of the food and the exceptional catering service provided by zoes kitchen’s team. If you need more convincing, a quick glance at real-life events that zoes kitchen has catered should do the trick.

From corporate events to smaller gatherings, zoes kitchen has delivered on time and with impeccable quality. Compared to other catering companies, zoes kitchen stands out in terms of satisfied customers who return time and time again.

Frequently Asked Questions Of Zoes Kitchen Catering Menu Prices

What Are The Catering Options Available At Zoe’S Kitchen?

Zoe’s kitchen offers various catering options such as party trays, boxed lunches, and hot meals. You can choose from mediterranean-inspired dishes, vegetarian options, and gluten-free options to cater your event.

Can I Customize My Catering Order At Zoe’S Kitchen?

Yes, you can customize your catering order at zoe’s kitchen. They offer a variety of options that can be tailored to fit your group’s needs. You can also make special requests for your catering order.

How Far In Advance Do I Need To Place A Catering Order With Zoe’S Kitchen?

Zoe’s kitchen recommends placing your catering order at least 24 hours in advance. However, they do accept same-day orders depending on availability. It is always best to call and confirm your order with the local restaurant.

Does Zoe’S Kitchen Provide Utensils, Plates, And Napkins With Their Catering Orders?

Yes, zoe’s kitchen provides utensils, plates, and napkins with their catering orders. The amount provided will depend on the size of your order. They also offer additional serving utensils and chafing dishes for an extra fee.

How Can I Pay For My Catering Order At Zoe’S Kitchen?

You can pay for your catering order at zoe’s kitchen with a credit card or through their online ordering system. They also accept cash or check for in-person orders. For large orders, they may require a deposit or pre-payment.


To summarize, zoes kitchen catering menu prices offer a great value for those looking to host events or feed large groups without breaking the bank. With a wide range of healthy and flavorful options, their menu can accommodate various dietary needs and preferences.

Their ordering process is straightforward, and they provide both pickup and delivery options for added convenience. Zoes kitchen’s dedication to quality ingredients and delicious flavor is evident in every dish they offer. By choosing zoes kitchen catering, customers can rest assured that they are providing their guests with a satisfying and memorable experience.

Overall, zoes kitchen catering is an excellent choice for anyone looking to elevate their event with tasty and healthy options without compromising on affordability.

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