What To Serve With Tamales? 10 Mouthwatering Side Dishes

Tamales are typically served with rice, beans, and salsa. To add variety, consider serving with avocado, cheese, or a fresh salad.

Tamales are a traditional mexican dish that has become popular in many other parts of the world, including the united states. They are made by wrapping masa (corn dough) around a filling (such as meat, cheese, or vegetables) and then steaming the tamales until they are cooked through.

While tamales are delicious on their own, they are often served with a variety of sides to add flavor and texture to the meal. In this article, we will explore some of the best side dishes to serve with tamales, including rice, beans, salsa, avocado, cheese, and fresh salad. Whether you are new to tamales or a longtime fan, these side dishes are sure to enhance your dining experience and leave you feeling satisfied and content.

What to Serve With Tamales: 10 Mouthwatering Side Dishes.

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Spicy Salsas And Dips

Tamales are a delicious traditional mexican dish, and they’re even better when paired with the perfect dip or salsa. Spicy dips and salsas are the perfect accompaniment to the richness of the tamale. Here are the top 3 spicy salsas and dips to serve with tamales.

First up, a classic pico de gallo- this traditional salsa is made from fresh tomatoes, onions, and jalapeños. Next, we have guacamole, made from fresh avocados mashed with lime juice, cilantro, and jalapeño for some heat. Finally, we have salsa verde, a tangy and spicy salsa made with roasted tomatillos, serrano chiles, and a touch of garlic.

All of these dips and salsas are easy to make at home and will add some serious flavor to your next tamale dinner. Enjoy!

Traditional Mexican Side Dishes

Tamales are one of the best-loved dishes in mexico due to their rich and hearty flavors. These traditional mexican staples, made from maize dough and filled with either meat or beans, are usually served with a variety of side dishes.

Some of the favorite mexican sides to pair with tamales include spanish rice, refried beans, and a refreshing, colorful salsa. Other popular options include guacamole, fresh salad greens, and citrusy avocado dressing. It is recommended to serve tamales with a side of pickled onions, sliced radishes, and fresh lime wedges to enhance the complex flavors of the dish.

Whether you prefer spicy or mild, sweet or savory, there is no shortage of traditional mexican sides to perfectly complement your next delicious tamale meal.

Fresh And Crispy Salads

Fresh and crispy salads are the perfect accompaniment to serve with tamales. Unique salad ideas will add colorful variety to your meal. Adding a salad with bright, fresh ingredients will complement the richness of the corn masa. You can create salads with tropical fruits like mango or papaya, or even try a spicy jicama and cucumber salad with a lime vinaigrette.

A simple pico de gallo or avocado salad can also be the perfect finishing touch. Salads provide a refreshing contrast to the savory tamales and make for a well-rounded meal. Try out these unique and creative salads to make your next tamale meal even more delicious.

Hearty Soups And Stews

The pairing of tamales with a hearty soup or stew is a comforting and filling meal. One option is to try a traditional mexican pozole with plenty of hominy and tender pork or chicken. Another great choice is a warming beef chili or a creamy chicken and vegetable stew.

For a vegetarian option, a spicy black bean and sweet potato soup is a tasty match. The combination of the soft, corn-based tamale with a hot, savory soup or stew is a perfect match for a satisfying and delicious meal.

Experiment with different flavors to find your own perfect pairing.

Appetizing Entrees With Tamales

Tamales are a traditional mexican dish that can be served in many ways. To make a complete meal, consider one of these meat or vegetable dishes. Grilled chicken or beef fajitas with peppers and onions make a tasty accompaniment to tamales.

For something lighter, a fresh salad with avocado and lime dressing complements the rich, spicy flavors of tamales. Vegetarians might prefer grilled portobello mushrooms with onions and bell peppers, or sautéed greens such as spinach or kale. Another excellent option is spanish rice, a dish made of sautéed rice with onion, tomato, and garlic.

Whatever you choose, the combination of tamales and these dishes is sure to delight your taste buds!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Vegetables Pair Well With Tamales?

Some popular vegetable options to serve with tamales include roasted poblano peppers, grilled corn, avocado salsa, and sautéed bell peppers. These options offer a variety of flavors and textures that complement tamales well.

Can I Serve Tamales With Rice And Beans?

Yes, rice and beans are a classic pairing with tamales. You can stick to traditional mexican-style rice and black beans, or try a different variety of rice and beans to mix things up.

What Type Of Sauce Should I Serve With Tamales?

Many people enjoy serving their tamales with a red or green chili sauce, also known as salsa roja or salsa verde. Other options to consider include a fire-roasted tomato sauce, tomatillo sauce, or mole sauce.

Is It Common To Serve Tamales With A Salad?

It’s less common to serve tamales with a salad, but it can be a refreshing way to balance out the richness of the tamales. Some popular salads to serve alongside tamales include a citrus salad with grapefruit or orange, a jicama and cucumber salad, or a simple mixed greens salad.

What Drinks Pair Well With Tamales?

Some popular drink choices to serve with tamales include mexican hot chocolate, horchata, agua frescas, or a cold beer. These options offer a balance of sweet, spicy, and refreshing flavors that complement tamales well.

Final Thoughts

As we wrap up this blog post on what to serve with tamales, it’s evident that tamales are a feast on their own. However, they pair well with a variety of sides and drinks to create a more complete meal experience.

From the classic rice and beans to the tangy salsa, the options are endless. It’s important to keep in mind the overall flavor profile of the tamales when choosing a side or drink. If the tamales have a spicy kick to them, a refreshing drink such as horchata or lemonade can help balance out the heat.

Additionally, sides like guacamole or pico de gallo can enhance the freshness of the dish. Whether you’re hosting a party or simply enjoying a homemade batch of tamales, there’s a side and drink option that will complement the dish. By incorporating these suggestions, you’ll be sure to have a delicious meal that leaves your taste buds satisfied.

So, next time you’re serving tamales, remember to think outside the box in terms of what to pair them with.

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