What Time Does Del Taco Stop Serving Breakfast? Find Out Now!

Del taco stops serving breakfast at 11am, according to its standard operating hours. Del taco is a popular fast-food chain that serves mexican and american cuisine, including breakfast items.

If you are a fan of their breakfast choices, you might be wondering when their breakfast service ends. Luckily, del taco’s breakfast hours are quite convenient for early birds and late risers alike. They stop serving breakfast at 11am, which gives customers plenty of time to enjoy their favorite breakfast burritos, egg sandwiches, or hash browns before the cut-off time.

Del taco’s breakfast menu is known for its fresh ingredients, bold flavors, and generous portions, making it a great choice for a satisfying and affordable morning meal. So whether you are in the mood for a classic breakfast taco or a hearty breakfast platter, make sure to visit del taco before 11am to get your fix.

What Time Does Del Taco Stop Serving Breakfast: Find Out Now!

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Del Taco Breakfast Hours

Del taco’s breakfast hours are an important consideration for those who love a hearty breakfast before starting their day. This fast-food chain serves breakfast from 6:00 am to 11:00 am.

However, certain locations may have different breakfast hours. Be sure to check with your local branch to confirm their specific breakfast times.

As for weekends, del taco serves breakfast until noon, giving you more time to enjoy your breakfast favorites on your day off. If you’re a fan of del taco’s breakfast menu, make sure to check their hours of operation beforehand to avoid disappointment and ensure that you get your breakfast fix on time.

Day of the WeekBreakfast Hours
Monday6 AM – 11 AM
Tuesday6 AM – 11 AM
Wednesday6 AM – 11 AM
Thursday6 AM – 11 AM
Friday6 AM – 11 AM
Saturday6 AM – 11 AM
Sunday6 AM – 11 AM

Del Taco Breakfast Menu

Del taco is a fast-food restaurant chain that serves breakfast all day. The breakfast menu includes a variety of burritos, tacos, hash browns, and breakfast platters. Some of the popular breakfast items include the epic scrambler burrito, breakfast toasted wrap, and chorizo breakfast taco.

Del taco also offers limited-time and seasonal breakfast options such as the huevos rancheros epic burrito and the beyond meat breakfast burrito.

The breakfast menu is available until 11 pm, after which the regular menu takes over. So, if you’re craving a breakfast burrito or taco at del taco, make sure to stop by before 11 pm.

Get there early to take full advantage of the breakfast menu!

CategoryDishApproximate Price Range
Breakfast BurritosEgg & Cheese Breakfast Burrito$1 – $2
Sausage Breakfast Burrito$1 – $3
Bacon Breakfast Burrito$1 – $3
Epic Scrambler Burrito – Bacon$4 – $6
Breakfast TacosBacon Breakfast Taco$1 – $2
Egg & Cheese Breakfast Taco$1 – $2
Breakfast RollersBacon Breakfast Roller$1 – $2
Egg & Cheese Breakfast Roller$1 – $2
Chorizo Breakfast Roller$1 – $2
Breakfast BowlsHuevos Rancheros Epic Breakfast Bowl$4 – $6
Chorizo Epic Breakfast Bowl$4 – $6
Breakfast SidesHashbrown Sticks$1 – $2

How To Find Del Taco Breakfast Hours

To find out what time del taco stops serving breakfast, you can visit their official website. Once you are on their website, locate the “locations” tab. Click on it and enter your location details. A list of del taco outlets should then appear along with their opening and closing hours.

You can find out the opening and closing hours of the individual del taco outlet that you are interested in by clicking on its name. Other online resources to find del taco breakfast hours include yelp, foursquare, and google maps.

By searching for “del taco near me” on any of these platforms, you will be able to find a list of locations, their phone numbers, and hours of operation. Make sure to check the hours of operation before you head out to del taco for breakfast to avoid any disappointment.

Del Taco Breakfast Promotion

Del taco serves breakfast from 6am-11am, but certain locations may vary. Currently, del taco is promoting their new epic scrambler burrito with a choice of bacon or sausage, along with breakfast rollers, hash brown sticks, and fresh brewed coffee. To get discounts and freebies, join del taco’s rewards program and earn points for every dollar spent.

Redeem points for free food or drinks on your next visit. Del taco’s rewards program also sends out exclusive offers for members to enjoy. So, if you’re a breakfast lover, join the rewards program and indulge in some delicious breakfast items from del taco.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Time Does Del Taco Stop Serving Breakfast?

Del taco stops serving breakfast at 11 am.

Is Breakfast Served All Day At Del Taco?

No, breakfast is not served all day at del taco.

What Time Does Del Taco Start Serving Breakfast?

Del taco begins serving breakfast at 6 am.

What Breakfast Items Does Del Taco Serve?

Del taco serves breakfast burritos, tacos, and bowls.

Does Del Taco Have Vegetarian Breakfast Options?

Yes, del taco has vegetarian breakfast options like the beyond meat® burrito.

Does Del Taco Have A Drive-Thru For Breakfast Items?

Yes, del taco has drive-thru service for breakfast items during breakfast hours.


After digging into the research and contacting several del taco restaurants, the answer to “what time does del taco stop serving breakfast? ” Is clear. Most del taco locations stop serving breakfast items at 11:00 a. m. sharp. However, some locations may slightly vary, so it’s always a good idea to call ahead if you have any doubts.

Whether you’re craving a breakfast burrito or a refreshing iced coffee, make sure to swing by your local del taco before 11:00 a. m. to enjoy their savory breakfast menu. Don’t forget to try their famous breakfast tacos and hash brown sticks, which are sure to keep you coming back for more.

Next time you’re running late for breakfast, remember that you can always count on del taco to satisfy your breakfast cravings, but only until 11:00 a. m.

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