What Kind of Rice Do Chinese Restaurants Use?

Chinese restaurants commonly use long-grain and jasmine rice. These types of rice are aromatic and have a sticky texture when cooked, making them a popular choice for chinese cuisine.

Rice is a staple food in china and plays a significant role in many chinese dishes. Choosing the right type of rice is essential for achieving the perfect texture and flavor. Chinese restaurants commonly use long-grain and jasmine rice. Long-grain rice has a delicate texture, while jasmine rice is aromatic and has a sticky texture when cooked.

These types of rice complement the flavors of chinese cuisine and provide a perfect base for dishes like fried rice and stir-fry. In this article, we’ll explore why chinese restaurants use these types of rice and the characteristics that make them ideal for chinese cooking.

What Kind of Rice Do Chinese Restaurants Use? Secrets Revealed.

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The Importance Of Rice In Chinese Cuisine

Rice plays an essential role in chinese cuisine and culture. Chinese cuisine boasts of a wide range of dishes, and most of them contain rice as a crucial ingredient. Rice is the staple food in chinese kitchens and is a necessary texture and flavor component.

Different types of rice are used in chinese cooking, including long-grain, short-grain, and sticky rice. Long-grain rice, such as jasmine and basmati, are widely used for stir-frying and steamed dishes. Short-grain rice, on the other hand, is used in making sushi and rice pudding.

Sticky rice is popularly known for making glutinous cakes and dumplings. Using the right type of rice is vital in achieving the perfect texture and flavor in chinese cuisine.

The Most Common Type Of Rice Used In Chinese Restaurants

Long-grain white rice is the most commonly used type of rice in chinese restaurants. This type of rice is preferred because it has a dry, fluffy texture and does not stick together. Additionally, its mild flavor complements the bolder flavors of chinese dishes.

Chinese restaurants typically use a higher grade of long-grain white rice, such as jasmine or basmati, which are more expensive but have a longer, slender grain. Medium-grain rice, by contrast, is shorter and plumper, and therefore has a stickier texture when cooked.

Short-grain rice is also used, but it is typically reserved for sushi and other japanese dishes. Long-grain white rice is the preferred type of rice in chinese restaurants due to its texture, flavor, and compatibility with chinese cuisine.

How Chinese Restaurants Cook Their Rice

Chinese restaurants use a specific variety of rice, called jasmine rice, known for its aroma and soft texture. To cook rice, they use either boiling or steaming techniques. Before cooking, it is essential to wash and soak the rice to remove excess starch and improve the texture.

The perfect ratio for cooking rice is two cups of water for every one cup of rice. After soaking, the excess water should be drained before adding it to the boiling water. Once the rice is cooked, it is left to rest for a few minutes to allow it to absorb any remaining water and become fluffy.

Chinese restaurants also add a small amount of oil or butter while cooking to enhance the aroma and flavor. By following these methods, anyone can cook perfect rice like a chinese restaurant.

Other Types Of Rice Used In Chinese Cuisine

Chinese cuisine is well-known for its use of rice in many dishes, and the type of rice used varies. Short-grain white rice is commonly used in chinese cuisine and is the most versatile type of rice. Glutinous rice, also known as sticky rice, is used in dishes that require a sticky texture.

Brown rice, which is unpolished and retains the bran layer, is healthier and more flavorful. Black rice, known for its nutty flavor and high levels of antioxidants, is used in desserts. Red rice, a type of rice that is unpolished with a reddish-brown color, is also used in chinese cuisine and has a slightly nutty flavor.

Popular dishes that use these different types of rice include steamed rice, fried rice, sticky rice dumplings, black rice pudding, and red rice porridge. It’s important to choose the right type of rice for specific dishes to enhance the flavor and texture of the dish.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Type Of Rice Do Chinese Restaurants Use?

Chinese restaurants usually use long-grain white rice, jasmine or basmati rice. These rice types have a pleasant aroma, soft texture, and absorb the flavors and sauces of chinese dishes well.

Why Do Chinese Restaurants Use Long-Grain Rice?

Long-grain rice is often used in chinese cooking because it has a lower starch content compared to other rice types such as short grain or medium grain rice. Starch can lead to stickier rice, which is not preferable in some chinese dishes.

Is There A Specific Brand Of Rice That Chinese Restaurants Use?

There isn’t one specific brand of rice that all chinese restaurants use. Each restaurant may have their own personal preference based on their local suppliers or region.

How Do Chinese Restaurants Prepare Their Rice?

Chinese restaurants typically use a rice cooker to prepare their rice. The cooker has a timer that indicates when the rice is done and automatically switches to a warming setting to keep the rice fresh.

Why Is The Rice At Chinese Restaurants So Fluffy?

The fluffiness of the rice at chinese restaurants can be attributed to several factors such as the use of long-grain rice, properly washing the rice before cooking, and using a rice cooker that produces evenly cooked and fluffy rice.

Can I Make The Same Type Of Rice At Home As Chinese Restaurants?

Yes, you can make similar rice at home using long-grain rice, proper washing techniques, and a rice cooker. You can also add flavor by cooking the rice with chicken or vegetable broth instead of water.


From the details mentioned in this blog, we can safely conclude that chinese restaurants primarily use two different types of rice – short-grain and long-grain. Short-grain rice referred to as sticky rice or glutinous rice is a staple in china and is used in many dishes, including sushi.

Long-grain rice is less sticky and is used in most rice-based dishes in chinese cuisine. In recent years, many chinese restaurants have also started experimenting with other types of rice like basmati rice, jasmine rice, and brown rice. It is crucial to mention that the quality of rice used in chinese restaurants plays a significant role in the flavor and texture of a dish, making it all the more important to choose good quality rice.

So, next time you visit a chinese restaurant, make sure to ask about their rice choices and discover the nuances of different types of rice used. Overall, this blog post aimed to explore the different types of rice that chinese restaurants use and provide insights into what makes a good quality rice.

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