What Kind of Bread Does Panera Have for Sandwiches?

As any fan of Panera Bread knows, the bakery-café chain is renowned for its wide variety of fresh, delicious breads, which serve as the foundation for their delectable sandwiches.

This article will guide you through the types of breads that Panera uses, their characteristics, and the best choices for different sandwiches. By the end, you’ll be a Panera bread connoisseur!

What Types of Bread Does Panera Use?

Bread is not just a food at Panera; it’s an essential part of their identity. The following table showcases the types of bread they offer, along with their unique taste and texture.

Bread TypeTaste and Texture
BaguetteCrusty on the outside with a chewy inside, classic French bread flavor
SourdoughTangy and hearty, with a thick crust and soft interior
CiabattaItalian bread with a soft, porous texture, perfect for absorbing flavors
FocacciaRich and flavorful, often seasoned with olive oil, rosemary, and salt
Whole GrainNutty and wholesome, hearty texture with a chewy crust
BriocheSoft and slightly sweet, a rich texture that’s great with savory or sweet fillings

Does Panera Make Their Bread?

Yes, Panera takes pride in baking their bread in-house daily. Their dedicated baking team ensures that each loaf is crafted with care, using quality ingredients.

Whole Grain Bread

Different Types of Bread Available

Panera offers a variety of bread options to suit everyone’s preferences:

  • Whole Grain: This hearty bread is filled with whole grains and delivers a rich, nutty flavor. Perfect for those who prefer a healthier option.
  • Country Rustic: A traditional white bread with a robust flavor and a slightly crunchy crust. This is a great all-around bread for any sandwich.
  • Sesame Semolina: An Italian bread with a slight sweetness and sesame seeds baked into the crust for extra flavor. Ideal for hearty sandwiches.
  • Rye: Classic choice for deli sandwiches, the rye bread at Panera is robust and full of flavor.

Which Bread Is the Best for a Classic Deli-Style Sandwich?

Choosing the right bread for a sandwich can elevate it from ordinary to extraordinary. Here are some popular Panera sandwiches and recommended bread pairings:

  • Turkey Sandwich: Whole Grain bread adds a hearty, healthy touch to a classic turkey sandwich.
  • Roast Beef Sandwich: The robust flavors of roast beef are beautifully complemented by the Sourdough bread.
  • Ham and Cheese: The classic ham and cheese sandwich pairs well with the Country Rustic bread.

Can You Tell Me More About Panera’s


Sourdough bread is a beloved choice at Panera. It’s known for its tangy flavor, which comes from the fermentation process that gives the bread its signature sour taste. Sourdough is versatile and works well with a variety of sandwich fillings.

Specialty Breads That Panera Offers Seasonally

Aside from their mainstay offerings, Panera also introduces specialty bread that align with different seasons or holidays. These can include:

  • Pumpkin Bread: A fall favorite, featuring warm spices and real pumpkin.
  • Cranberry Walnut Bread: This festive bread usually makes an appearance around the holiday season and pairs wonderfully with turkey.

Most Popular Bread Choice for Signature Sandwiches

While all of Panera’s bread are popular, the Sourdough and the Baguette are often the go-to choices for their signature sandwiches due to their versatility and delicious flavor.

Can I Request a Different Bread Choice?

Absolutely! Panera aims to cater to all taste preferences. To request a different bread choice, follow these steps:

  1. Choose Your Sandwich: Start by selecting your preferred sandwich.
  2. Make a Modification: Under the sandwich, you will see an option to customize your order.
  3. Select Your Bread: From there, you can choose your preferred type of bread from the list provided.

Tips for Selecting the Best Bread Option

Choosing the right bread for your sandwich ultimately depends on your personal taste, but here are a few tips to help you:

  • Consider the sandwich fillings: Some breads, like Ciabatta, are great at absorbing sauces, while others, like a Baguette, provide a crunchy contrast to soft fillings.
  • Dietary needs: If you’re following a specific diet, Whole Grain and Sourdough are healthier options. Panera also offers a Gluten Conscious bread for those with dietary restrictions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does Panera have gluten-free bread?

A: Yes, Panera offers a Gluten Conscious bread for customers with dietary restrictions.

Q: Can I buy loaves of bread from Panera?

A: Absolutely! Panera sells their fresh-baked breads by the loaf.

Q: Does Panera offer bread bowls?

A: Yes, you can enjoy your favorite Panera soup or chili in a Sourdough bread bowl.

Final Thoughts

With a wide variety of delicious breads, it’s no surprise that Panera Bread is a go-to destination for sandwich lovers.

Whether you prefer the traditional French Baguette, the hearty Whole Grain, or the tangy Sourdough, Panera has a bread for every taste.

Next time you order, don’t forget to consider the bread—it’s more than just a vessel for your sandwich; it’s a key component of the flavor!

For more information about Panera’s offerings, you can visit their official website. For some fun bread-based recipes, check out this article. Enjoy your meal!

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