What is Little Caesars Slogan?

Little Caesars is a popular pizza chain known for offering hot, ready-made pizzas with its signature “Hot-N-Ready” convenience.

But the company is also recognized for its memorable slogan: “Pizza! Pizza!”

This catchy phrase has been used by Little Caesars since the company’s founding in 1959, making it one of the longest-running and most recognizable slogans in the fast food industry.

The slogan has become iconic in the pizza industry, and is well-loved by fans of the restaurant.

History of Little Ceasers “Pizza! Pizza!”

Little Caesars’ founder, Mike Ilitch believed in offering quality, great-tasting pizza with fast, friendly service at a reasonable price.

He developed the slogan to convey his commitment to providing two pizzas for the price of one — a belief that pizza could be both affordable and delicious.

The original phrase was actually “Pizza Pie! Pizza Pie!”, but this was eventually changed to the simple and memorable “Pizza! Pizza!”.

Unfortunately, during the 2000s, the aging slogan was often parodied and lampooned by competitors.

Little Caesars Pizza 1

Status As Slogan in Pop Culture

Regardless of the occasional jabs it’s taken, the “Pizza! Pizza!” slogan remains deeply ingrained in pop culture.

It’s been prominently featured in movies and television, most notably in the classic 90’s sitcom Seinfeld and the iconic film, Forrest Gump.

The tagline has also been immortalized in hip-hop, with Run-DMC giving a shout out to Little Caesars in their hit song, “It’s Like That”.

The Legacy of Pizza! Pizza!

Today, the “Pizza! Pizza!” slogan continues to remind us of quick and delicious comfort food, and remains an important part of the Little Caesars brand.

The phrase has transcended beyond just a phrase or slogan; it has become an important part of American culture.

Little Caesars Slogan Hot and Ready

The phrase “Hot-N-Ready” has become an essential part of the Little Caesars experience.

This phrase is also a slogan of Little Caesars, and serves as a reminder of the restaurant’s commitment to providing delicious, hot-and-ready pizza at an unbeatable price.

Initially, Little Caesars utilized the slogan “Pizza Pie! Pizza Pie!” until the founder of the business, Mike Ilitch, decided to revamp it to something more concise and easy to remember – “Pizza! Pizza!”.

Later on, “Hot-N-Ready” was added as an offshoot of the Little Caesars brand..

The phrase reminds customers that they can pick up their favorite pizza at any Little Caesars without having to wait long for it to cook.

The phrase has also become iconic in pop culture. It has been featured in movies, television, and even in some hip-hop songs.

“Hot-N-Ready” has become an important part of the overall Little Caesars experience, and is a perfect complement to the original “Pizza! Pizza!” slogan.

What is Little Caesars Lunch Special?

If you’re looking for a great lunch special at Little Caesars, you can get two large, 4-topping pizzas for just $20.

Other popular lunch specials include the $7 Hot-N-Ready Lunch Combo, which includes a personal size, 4-topping pizza and a 20 ounce drink, as well as the new Specialty Lunch Combo, which comes with a large cheese or pepperoni, Crazy Bread and a 20 ounce drink all for just $6.

How Many Little Caesars Are There in The World?

As of October 2020, there are 5,496 Little Caesars locations in the United States and around the world.

Little Caesars currently operates in all fifty states and a total of 28 different countries, with outlets located in South America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

Final Thoughts

Little Caesars has been a household name for more than five decades, and their signature slogans – “Pizza! Pizza!” and “Hot-N-Ready” – will certainly remain a part of popular culture for many years to come.

Whether you’re grabbing a quick lunch combo, a large pizza for the family, or just snacking on Crazy Bread and a Coca-Cola, Little Caesars has something for everyone.

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