What is Double Blended at Starbucks: The Perfect Summer Drink?

Double blended at starbucks refers to a type of beverage that is twice blended for a smoother consistency. This popular technique is often requested by customers who desire a creamier and more evenly mixed drink.

Starbucks is a well-known coffee chain that offers a wide variety of delicious beverages from steamy lattes to refreshing frappuccinos. One of the most requested and beloved options, especially during the hot summer months, is the double blended drink. This technique refers to the process of blending a drink twice, creating a smoother and more uniform consistency.

Double blended drinks are perfect for those who enjoy a creamier texture, as each sip is thicker and more indulgent. At starbucks, the double blended technique can be applied to many of their menu options, including frappuccinos, smoothies, and even iced teas.

Understanding Double Blended At Starbucks

Double blended at starbucks is a popular summer drink that customers enjoy due to its refreshing taste and smooth texture. Understanding what double blended means is essential before ordering this drink. Essentially, double blended refers to a starbucks frappuccino blended twice for added creaminess.

The blending process allows the beverage to achieve a smooth consistency that is perfect for summertime. Customers can customize their double blended with a variety of syrups and toppings to make it unique to their taste preferences. Remembering these guidelines while writing seo-friendly content will help writers effectively communicate information about double blended to starbucks customers.

Available Flavors For Double Blended

Starbucks offers a perfect summer drink that patrons can’t resist: the double blended. Among the available flavors are java chip and vanilla bean, caramel and mocha, cinnamon dolce and chocolate chip, and strawberries & cream and vanilla bean. Unlike other drinks, double blended is the perfect mix of coffee and creaminess, making it the go-to drink for many people, especially during hot weather.

Java chip and vanilla bean provide a classic and balanced taste, while caramel and mocha have a rich and bold taste. Cinnamon dolce and chocolate chip, on the other hand, adds a sweet and spicy twist. Lastly, strawberries & cream and vanilla bean offer a fruity and sweet flavor that is perfect for summer.

It is no wonder why double blended continues to be a starbucks favorite.

How To Order Double Blended At Starbucks

Double blended is a unique and refreshing drink offered by starbucks during summers. To order double blended, follow these simple guidelines. Firstly, approach the barista and politely request a double blended drink. Secondly, specify which flavors you want to include.

Thirdly, mention the size of the drink. Fourthly, add any additional toppings if needed. Fifthly, give your name for the order. Lastly, pay and wait for your order. Following these guidelines is essential to get the perfect double blended drink at starbucks.

Enjoy the summer with this delightful drink and share your experience with us!

Nutrition Information

Double blended is one of the most popular summer drinks at starbucks, but it’s also one of the highest in calories. A 16-ounce serving can rack up 500 calories, 22g of fat, 69g of carbohydrates, and a whopping 63g of sugar.

Although it may taste refreshing, the double blended should be consumed in moderation due to its high sugar content. For those looking to enjoy a lower calorie alternative, starbucks offers many other tasty drinks with fewer calories. Be mindful of your intake and choose wisely when ordering.

Keep in mind that this drink is not recommended as a regular part of your diet due to its high sugar and calorie content.

Enjoying Double Blended At Starbucks

Double blended at starbucks is the perfect summer drink for coffee and tea enthusiasts. This delicious beverage is made by blending two different starbucks beverages together. It typically consists of two different types of frappuccinos, or a mix of a frappuccino and a tea latte.

What makes this drink unique is the double blend, where the two drinks are mixed together with extra ice to create a refreshing and creamy summer treat. To experience the perfect double blended drink at starbucks, be sure to specify which two drinks you want blended together, choose your preferred milk and sweetener, and don’t forget to add some toppings for extra flair.

So, head to your nearest starbucks and enjoy a double blended drink today!

Frequently Asked Questions For What Is Double Blended At Starbucks

What Is A Double Blended Drink At Starbucks?

A double blended drink at starbucks refers to a beverage that is blended twice. The process involves blending the ingredients, pouring the mixture into a cup, then blending the drink again with more ice.

How Do I Order A Double Blended Drink?

To order a double blended drink at starbucks, simply inform the barista that you would like your drink blended twice. You can also specify the type of drink you want and any extra toppings or syrups you’d like to add.

Are There Any Double Blended Drink Restrictions?

Not all starbucks beverages can be double blended. Some drinks, such as hot coffee or tea, cannot be blended. However, most cold drinks, such as frappuccinos, can be double blended.

Does Double Blending Change The Taste Or Texture?

Double blending can affect the texture and taste of a drink. The drink will be more smooth and creamy with a thicker consistency. Additionally, blending twice can make the drink colder and enhance its flavor.

Can Double Blended Drinks Be Customized?

Yes, double blended drinks can be customized to suit your personal preference. You can add extra syrups or toppings, request a specific milk, or adjust the amount of ice to create your perfect drink.


Double blended is a unique drink option at starbucks that is enjoyed by many, especially during the summer months. Made by blending two different frappuccino flavors, double blended creates a delicious and customized taste. Experimenting with different flavors and combinations is part of the enjoyment of this drink.

We can now understand that double blended is not just purchasing two separate frappuccinos; it’s about creating something unique and tailored to your taste buds. There are many benefits to trying this drink out, including the ability to choose different flavor combinations, the refreshing and cool taste, and the ability to have a drink that is uniquely your own.

With the summer heat coming our way, double blended is a must-try for all starbucks fans who want to try something different while beating the heat. So, go ahead and give this drink a try – who knows, you might just discover your new favorite drink!

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