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Rays New York Pizza

Rays New York Pizza: Satisfy Your Cravings for Authentic New York Pizza

Are you a pizza lover? Do you crave that delicious, cheesy slice of heaven that only New York-style pizza can provide? Look no further than Rays New York Pizza, where you’ll find the perfect combination of thin, crispy crust, tangy tomato sauce, and mouthwatering toppings. In this article, we’ll explore the delectable world of Rays New York Pizza and why it should be your go-to spot for a slice of perfection.

The History of Rays New York Pizza

Rays New York Pizza has a rich history that spans over several decades. Established in 1982 by Ray Buoncristiano, a native New Yorker with a passion for pizza, the restaurant quickly became a local favorite. Ray’s dedication to using only the finest ingredients and his commitment to authentic New York-style pizza set the foundation for the success of the establishment.

Ray’s New York Pizza continues to be a family-owned and operated business, now run by Ray’s son, Tony Buoncristiano. Tony has continued his father’s legacy by maintaining the original recipes and the high standards that have made Rays New York Pizza a beloved institution in the community.

Hand-Tossed Dough for the Perfect Crust

One of the things that sets Rays New York Pizza apart from the competition is their hand-tossed dough. Each pizza is made with care, ensuring that the crust is just the right thickness and has that signature New York-style crispiness. The dough is left to rise and rest for the perfect amount of time, resulting in a light and airy crust that provides the ideal canvas for the toppings.

Top-Quality Ingredients

At Rays New York Pizza, they believe that the quality of the ingredients directly affects the taste of the final product. That’s why they hand-select only the finest and freshest ingredients for their pizzas. From the plumpest and juiciest tomatoes used for the sauce to the premium cheeses and locally sourced toppings, every bite of Rays New York Pizza is bursting with flavor.

Wide Variety of Toppings

With Rays New York Pizza, you’ll never get bored with the same old toppings. They offer a wide variety of options to suit every palate. Whether you’re a meat lover, a vegetarian, or looking for something a little different, they have you covered. From classic combinations like pepperoni and mushroom to gourmet options like prosciutto and arugula, there’s something for everyone at Rays New York Pizza.

Beyond Pizza: Mouthwatering Appetizers and More

While the pizza at Rays New York Pizza is undoubtedly the star of the show, they also offer a mouthwatering selection of appetizers, entrees, and desserts. Start your meal off with crispy garlic knots or mozzarella sticks. Then, move on to a traditional pasta dish or a hearty sandwich. And don’t forget to save room for their delectable desserts, like cannoli or New York-style cheesecake.

Frequently Asked Questions

What sets Rays New York Pizza apart from other pizzerias?

Rays New York Pizza stands out from the competition in several ways. Firstly, they uphold the traditional techniques and recipes used in New York-style pizza, resulting in an authentic and delicious product. Secondly, they prioritize the use of high-quality ingredients, ensuring that every bite is packed with flavor. Finally, their wide variety of toppings and menu options cater to all tastes and preferences, making it a go-to spot for every pizza lover.

Can I customize my pizza at Rays New York Pizza?

Absolutely! At Rays New York Pizza, they encourage customers to get creative and customize their pizzas to their heart’s desire. From choosing your favorite cheese to creating your own unique topping combinations, you have the freedom to make your perfect pizza.

Does Rays New York Pizza offer delivery?

Yes, Rays New York Pizza offers convenient delivery services. If you’re unable to visit their restaurant in person, you can enjoy their delicious pizza and menu items from the comfort of your own home. Just give them a call or place your order online, and they’ll take care of the rest.

Final Thoughts

If you’re searching for authentic New York-style pizza that will satisfy your cravings and leave you wanting more, look no further than Rays New York Pizza. With their hand-tossed dough, top-quality ingredients, wide variety of toppings, and mouthwatering menu options beyond pizza, Rays New York Pizza is the ultimate destination for pizza lovers. Experience the taste of New York right in your own backyard, and indulge in a slice of perfection that will leave you coming back for more. Visit Rays New York Pizza today and discover why it’s the go-to spot for pizza aficionados in the area.

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