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Pizza New Smyrna Beach

Are you craving pizza in New Smyrna Beach? Look no further! In this article, we’ll explore the best pizza places in town, the unique flavors they offer, and what makes them stand out from the rest. Whether you’re a local or just visiting, this guide is here to satisfy your pizza cravings. Let’s dive in!

New Smyrna Beach’s Finest Pizza Places

When it comes to pizza, New Smyrna Beach has a variety of options that will tantalize your taste buds. From thin crust to deep dish, traditional to gourmet toppings, there’s something for everyone. Here are some of the top pizza places that are a must-visit:

1. The Garlic

Known for its garlic-infused flavors and cozy atmosphere, The Garlic is a popular spot among locals and tourists alike. Their specialty pizzas are bursting with unique combinations such as the Garlic Cheeseburger Pizza or the Chicken Alfredo Pizza. If you’re a garlic lover, this place is a dream come true!

2. Third Wave Cafe

Not only is Third Wave Cafe known for its artisan coffee, but they also serve up delicious wood-fired pizzas. Their thin-crust creations are made with the freshest ingredients, creating a harmonious blend of flavors. Don’t miss their popular Fig & Prosciutto Pizza or the Smoked Mushroom Pizza.

3. Manzano Pizzeria

For those seeking Neapolitan-style pizza, Manzano Pizzeria is the place to be. Their pizzas are cooked in a traditional wood-fired brick oven, resulting in a perfectly crispy crust with a soft and chewy center. The Margherita Pizza is a crowd favorite, with its simple yet flavorful combination of tomato sauce, mozzarella, and fresh basil.

4. Tony’s New York Pizza

Craving a taste of the Big Apple? Look no further than Tony’s New York Pizza. This family-owned establishment brings authentic New York-style pizza to New Smyrna Beach. Their pies are made with hand-tossed dough, tangy tomato sauce, and generous amounts of cheese. Try their classic Pepperoni Pizza or create your own masterpiece with their extensive list of toppings.

Unique Flavors and Combinations

One of the best things about pizza is how versatile it can be. In New Smyrna Beach, you’ll find pizza flavors and combinations that go beyond the traditional. Here are some unique offerings you can find at the local pizzerias:

1. Seafood Delight

With its proximity to the coast, it’s no surprise that New Smyrna Beach is known for its seafood. Some pizza places in the area have taken advantage of this by creating seafood-inspired pizzas. Imagine a pizza topped with shrimp, crab meat, scallops, and a sprinkle of Old Bay seasoning. It’s a taste of the ocean right in the palm of your hand.

2. BBQ Bliss

If you’re a fan of barbecue flavors, you’re in luck! Several pizzerias in New Smyrna Beach offer BBQ-inspired pizzas that are sure to satisfy your cravings. Picture a pizza topped with smoky pulled pork, tangy barbecue sauce, and a heap of melted cheese. It’s the perfect marriage of two beloved comfort foods.

3. Veggie Delight

For all the veggie lovers out there, New Smyrna Beach has plenty of options for you too. From artichoke hearts to roasted red peppers, you’ll find a variety of fresh and flavorful vegetables topping your pizza. Add some creamy goat cheese or tangy feta for a burst of additional goodness.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I find gluten-free pizza in New Smyrna Beach?

A: Absolutely! Many pizza places in New Smyrna Beach offer gluten-free pizza crust options. Just ask the staff, and they will be happy to accommodate your dietary needs.

Q: Are there vegan pizza options available?

A: Yes, you’ll find vegan-friendly options at select pizzerias in New Smyrna Beach. These pizzas typically feature plant-based cheese substitutes and a variety of fresh vegetables.

Q: Do these pizza places offer delivery?

A: Yes, most pizza places in New Smyrna Beach offer delivery services. Simply give them a call or order online, and your piping hot pizza will be on its way to your doorstep!

Final Thoughts

When it comes to pizza, New Smyrna Beach does not disappoint. Whether you’re looking for classic flavors or adventurous combinations, the local pizzerias have got you covered. From thin-crust to deep-dish, traditional to gourmet, there’s a pizza for every palate. So, the next time you find yourself in New Smyrna Beach, don’t forget to indulge in a slice (or two!) of your favorite pie.

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