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Papa John’s Pizza Size Chart

**Papa John’s Pizza Size Chart: Finding the Perfect Size for Your Cravings**

Are you craving a delicious pizza from Papa John’s? Whether you’re ordering for yourself or a group of friends, it’s important to choose the right pizza size to satisfy your hunger. That’s where Papa John’s Pizza Size Chart comes in handy. In this article, we’ll break down the different sizes offered by Papa John’s and help you find the perfect pie for your craving.

Papa John’s offers a variety of pizza sizes to cater to different appetites and occasions. Let’s take a closer look at each size and what it has to offer.

## Large Pizza Size

The large pizza from Papa John’s is perfect for satisfying a big appetite. It’s the most popular size and comes with 8 slices. The diameter of a large pizza is approximately 14 inches, providing plenty of room for your favorite toppings. Whether you’re throwing a party or simply indulging in a pizza night, the large size is a great choice for a group.

## Medium Pizza Size

If you’re looking for a pizza that’s a little smaller but still offers a generous serving, the medium pizza is the way to go. With a diameter of around 12 inches, the medium size pizza comes with 8 slices as well. It’s the ideal choice for a small gathering or a meal for two. You can still enjoy a variety of toppings without feeling overwhelmed by a larger pizza.

## Small Pizza Size

For those who prefer a more personal-sized pizza, Papa John’s offers a small size option. The small pizza has a diameter of about 10 inches and comes with 6 slices. It’s perfect for those moments when you want to enjoy a pizza all to yourself without worrying about leftovers. You can customize your small pizza with your favorite toppings and savor every bite.

## Extra-Large Pizza Size

For big appetites or larger groups, Papa John’s has an extra-large pizza option. With a diameter of around 16 inches, the extra-large pizza serves 10 slices. It’s the ultimate choice for parties, game nights, or gatherings where everyone can dig into a slice. You can order an extra-large pizza with a variety of toppings to cater to everyone’s preferences.

## Party Sizes and Specials

Papa John’s also offers party sizes and special deals for larger events or celebrations. The party size pizzas come in rectangular shapes and can serve up to 24 people. These pizzas are perfect for big occasions like birthdays, office parties, or any event that calls for a generous amount of pizza. Be sure to check Papa John’s website or ask a store representative about their party size options.

## Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s address some common questions that customers have when it comes to Papa John’s Pizza Size Chart.

1. How many slices are in a Papa John’s pizza?

A large, medium, and extra-large pizza from Papa John’s comes with 8 slices. The small size pizza comes with 6 slices.

2. Can I customize the toppings on my pizza?

Absolutely! Papa John’s allows you to customize your pizza with a variety of toppings, including meats, vegetables, and sauces. You can build your own pizza or choose from their delicious specialty pizzas.

3. How do I know which size pizza to order?

Consider the number of people you’re ordering for and their appetites. If you’re ordering for a group, a large or extra-large pizza would be suitable. For a more personal-sized meal, a medium or small pizza would work best.

4. Are there any special deals or discounts available for pizza sizes?

Papa John’s frequently offers special deals and discounts on their pizzas, including different sizes. Be sure to check their website or mobile app for the latest promotions.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to satisfying your pizza cravings, Papa John’s Pizza Size Chart is your guide to finding the perfect size. Whether you’re ordering for yourself, a date night, or a large gathering, Papa John’s offers a range of pizza sizes to fit everyone’s appetite. From the large and medium sizes to the small and extra-large options, there’s a pizza size for every occasion. With customizable toppings and special deals, you can enjoy a delicious Papa John’s pizza that’s tailor-made to your preferences. So, the next time you’re in the mood for pizza, refer to Papa John’s Pizza Size Chart and make your selection with confidence. Indulge in the perfect pizza size and savor every bite!

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