Papa John’s Delivery Driver Requirements: What You Need to Know

If you’ve ever considered joining the Papa John’s team as a delivery driver, you may be curious about the requirements for the position.

A career with Papa John’s can be both rewarding and flexible, but it’s important to know what’s expected before you apply.

So, does this sound like a job you might enjoy? Let’s dive into the specifics of the Papa John’s delivery driver requirements.

Do Papa John’s tips go to the driver?

One of the biggest perks of being a delivery driver is the potential for tips. At Papa John’s, all cash tips go directly to the delivery driver.

This can substantially increase your earnings, especially during busy periods.

In some cases, delivery drivers also receive a small portion of the delivery fee that customers pay, which further augments their income.

Delivery Driver Requirements

Papa John’s Delivery Driver Job Description

The main responsibility of a Papa John’s delivery driver is to ensure that orders are delivered to customers quickly and accurately.

This involves transporting food from the store to the customer’s location, providing excellent customer service, and handling money or processing electronic payments.

Delivery drivers are also often tasked with other duties when not delivering, such as helping with cleaning, stocking, and folding pizza boxes.

What are the age requirements?

To become a delivery driver for Papa John’s, you must meet certain age requirements.

The minimum age can vary depending on the specific job requirements and local laws, but typically, you need to be at least 18 years old to be a delivery driver.

This is because the job requires you to hold a valid driver’s license and often to have a certain amount of driving experience.

Here is a table for you:

Under 18Not eligible
18-20Eligible with restrictions
21 and aboveFully eligible

Do I need a valid driver’s license?

Yes, a valid driver’s license is an essential requirement for a delivery driver role at Papa John’s. The license must be issued by the state in which you are applying for a job.

What kind of vehicle do you need?

Papa John’s delivery drivers are typically expected to provide their own vehicle for delivering pizzas.

The specific requirements can vary, but generally, your vehicle should be reliable, insured, and in good working condition.

Some locations may have additional requirements regarding the age or type of vehicle.

Here is a summary of keypoints:

  • The vehicle must be reliable, in good working condition, and adequately insured.
  • The vehicle must meet local laws and regulations for safety standards.
  • Some locations may require the vehicle to be of a certain age or model.

Is a background check required?

As a Papa John’s delivery driver, you’ll be representing the company and interacting with customers, so a background check is typically part of the hiring process.

The specifics of this check can vary, but it generally includes a check of criminal records and driving history.

Papa John’s typically requires the following as part of the background check:

  • Verification of identity and legal work authorization.
  • Criminal records check.
  • Driving history review.
driving license

Are there drug screening tests?

Yes, Papa John’s is committed to providing a safe and healthy work environment, and this includes maintaining a drug-free workplace.

As such, applicants may be required to undergo a drug screening test as part of the application process.

Do drivers need to know the local areas?

Absolutely. A key part of a delivery driver’s job is navigating the local area efficiently to ensure speedy delivery.

Familiarity with local streets, neighborhoods, and traffic patterns can be a big advantage in this role.

What are the scheduling requirements?

Delivery drivers at Papa John’s need to be available to work during the store’s busiest times, which often include evenings, weekends, and holidays.

The exact schedule can vary depending on the specific location and time of year. Below are the requirements listed for you:

  • Availability during peak times, typically evenings, weekends, and holidays.
  • Flexibility to accommodate varying shifts and hours.
  • Willingness to work overtime during exceptionally busy periods, such as major sporting events or holidays.

Are communication skills important?

Yes, excellent communication skills are crucial for a Papa John’s delivery driver. You’ll be interacting with customers, store staff, and sometimes management, so being able to communicate effectively and professionally is key.

Do drivers receive training?

Yes, new delivery drivers receive training to ensure they’re prepared for their duties. This typically includes instruction on company policies, safety procedures, and customer service, as well as practical training like how to pack and deliver orders efficiently.

Are there opportunities for advancement?

Absolutely. Papa John’s values internal growth and promotion, and many store managers and even franchise owners started their careers as delivery drivers.

With hard work and commitment, a job as a delivery driver can lead to more advanced roles within the company. List of opportunities:

  • Shift Leader: Oversees operations during their shift and assists the store manager.
  • Assistant Manager: Assists the store manager in running the store, may take over managerial duties in the manager’s absence.
  • Store Manager: Manages the entire store, including staff hiring and training, inventory management, and ensuring customer satisfaction.
  • Area Supervisor: Oversees several stores within a specific geographic area.
  • Franchise Owner: Owns and operates their own Papa John’s location.


Here are some frequently asked questions related to the role of a delivery driver at Papa John’s:

Q: Do Papa John’s delivery drivers need their own car insurance?

A: Yes, all delivery drivers are required to have their own car insurance.

Q: How much do Papa John’s delivery drivers make?

A: The pay for Papa John’s delivery drivers can vary depending on tips, location, and hours worked, but typically, delivery drivers can expect to earn a combination of base pay, tips, and a per-delivery fee.

Q: Do delivery drivers have to wear a uniform?

A: Yes, Papa John’s delivery drivers are typically required to wear a company uniform. This helps ensure a professional image and makes drivers easily recognizable to customers.

Q: How many hours do Papa John’s delivery drivers typically work?

A: The number of hours can vary greatly depending on the driver’s availability and the needs of the specific store, but both full-time and part-time positions are generally available.

Q: Can Papa John’s delivery drivers accept credit card tips?

A: Yes, if a customer chooses to add a tip when paying by credit card, that tip will go to the delivery driver.

Final Thoughts

Becoming a delivery driver for Papa John’s can be a great opportunity for those looking for a flexible job that allows you to work independently while providing valuable service to customers. As long as you meet the necessary requirements, you can enjoy a fulfilling job that combines customer service, driving, and of course, the irresistible aroma of fresh-baked pizza.

Check out the Papa John’s website for more information on current job openings and requirements.

Remember, delivering for Papa John’s is about more than just driving. It’s about delivering a high-quality product and ensuring a positive experience for every customer. If you think you’re up to the task, why not apply and see where this opportunity takes you?

With the right attitude and a dedication to service, your job as a Papa John’s delivery driver could be just the beginning of a rewarding career in the pizza delivery industry.

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