What is The Little Caesars Arena Capacity?

Little Caesars Arena (LCA), located in downtown Detroit, Michigan, is the home of the National Hockey League’s Detroit Red Wings and the National Basketball Association’s Detroit Pistons.

The facility opened in 2017 and is both a multi-purpose and state-of-the-art arena.

With the presence of these professional sports teams and the venue’s ability to host events such as concerts, ice shows, and more, it is important to understand its capabilities.

The Arena’s Capacity of Little Caesars

Little Caesars Arena has a capacity of 20,491 for hockey games, 19,515 for basketball games, and 24,276 for concerts.

The lower seating bowl has over 15,000 seats, while the upper seating bowl has over 2,000 seats, allowing the arena to accommodate large fan bases while still allowing some smaller events.

The arena also has over 6,000 club seats, which provide an upscale seating experience and premium amenities such as in-seat dining, specialized concourses, and access to exclusive clubs.

For people attending events at Little Caesars Arena, all seating is based on the event and its type.

Upgrading The Arena

Upgrading The Arena

Although Little Caesars Arena opened only a few years ago, the venue has already undergone several upgrades.

The arena has added new sound and video equipment and a new high-speed fiber-optic network to enhance the overall game experience for guests.

Furthermore, the building has gone through renovations to mark the return of the Detroit Pistons, which included improved lightings and first-of-its-kind basketball seating spaces, such as a Courtside Club and a loge with VIP accommodations.

Visiting Tips

Little Caesars Arena provides guests with a great atmosphere before, during, and after events.

When attending an event, visitors should arrive at least one hour before the start of the event to allow adequate time for parking and entering the arena.

Additionally, the arena encourages visitors to buy tickets ahead of time to guarantee entry as well as to pick up their tickets in advance to avoid waiting in line.

Lastly, the arena strongly discourages bringing outside food and beverages into the venue and suggests visiting one of the many restaurants in the surrounding area.

Little Caesars Arena is quickly becoming one of the most popular and active entertainment venues in the Midwest.

With its extensive capacity and continuously upgraded features, guests can expect a fantastic overall experience during their visit.

Whether you’re attending a hockey game, a basketball game, or a concert, make sure to arrive early and enjoy the beautiful venue!

Is Little Caesars Arena Big?

Yes, Little Caesars Arena is a large and state-of-the-art arena, with a capacity of 20,491 for hockey games, 19,515 for basketball games, and 24,276 for concerts.

The arena has over 15,000 seats in the lower seating bowl, over 2,000 seats in the upper seating bowl, and over 6,000 club seats with premium amenities.

The arena is also home to two professional sports teams, the Detroit Red Wings and the Detroit Pistons, and is able to host a variety of events, such as concerts and ice shows.

With its extensive capacity and constantly upgraded features, Little Caesars Arena is quickly becoming one of the most popular entertainment venues in the Midwest.

How Many Seats Are in The Joe Louis Arena?

As of 2021, the Joe Louis Arena is no longer in operation. The arena was home to the Detroit Red Wings from 1979 to 2017, and had a capacity of 20,027 for hockey games.

However, Little Caesars Arena has replaced the Joe Louis Arena as the home of the Detroit Red Wings and Detroit Pistons.

Is it Cold Inside Little Caesars Arena?

No, it is not cold inside Little Caesars Arena. The arena is a fully enclosed and climate-controlled facility, with temperature and humidity levels maintained for optimal comfort of guests.

Guests are encouraged to dress comfortably for the type of event they are attending but do not need to wear heavy jackets or blankets inside the arena.

Who Paid For Little Caesars Arena?

Little Caesars Arena was primarily financed by private sources, with the majority of the funding coming from the Ilitch family, owners of the Detroit Red Wings and Detroit Tigers.

However, the arena also received some public funding, including $34.5 million from the Detroit Downtown Development Authority and $44.5 million in Michigan Strategic Fund bonds.

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