Is Panera Pizza Good? Our Delicious Verdict

“Panera pizza is good.” The quality of panera’s pizza is subjective and varies based on personal taste preferences.

However, reviews suggest that the overall quality is decent but not outstanding. Panera bread is known for serving healthy meals, salads, sandwiches, and soups. In 2017, the restaurant chain introduced its new menu item, pizza, to expand its food offerings and attract more customers.

The pizza comes in three flavors: margherita, spinach & bacon, and bbq chicken. The crust is made with extra-fine flour and olive oil, giving it a crunchy texture. The toppings consist of fresh or seasonally sourced vegetables and meat. Although the pizza is not the restaurant’s forte, it is a decent option for someone who needs a quick and easy meal. Customers have mixed reviews about the pizza’s taste and suggest that it may not be the best option for pizza lovers.

Is Panera's Pizza Worth Trying? Our Delicious Verdict


The Taste Test

Our taste test of panera’s pizza left us pleasantly surprised. Our first impressions of panera’s pizza were that it had a thin, crispy crust, and the toppings were fresh and flavorful. The variety of flavors and toppings offered by panera was impressive, from classic pepperoni to more unique options like chipotle chicken and roasted vegetable.

The pizza was also reasonably priced and easy to order. While it may not be the first place you think of for pizza, we highly recommend giving panera’s pizza a try. It’s definitely worth it.

Quality Of Ingredients

Panera is a beloved fast-casual chain known for their soup, salads, and sandwiches, but how does their pizza stack up? We did a taste test and were pleasantly surprised. Panera’s ingredients are high-quality and carefully sourced, making for a delicious and fresh-tasting slice.

In comparison to other popular pizza chains, panera’s ingredients stand out for their commitment to sourcing locally and using fresh, natural ingredients. So, is panera’s pizza worth trying? Absolutely. Whether you’re a longtime fan of the chain or just looking for a new pizza joint, panera’s pizza is definitely worth a taste.

The Price Point

Panera’s pizza prices are slightly higher compared to other popular pizza chains. However, the price point is justified by the quality of ingredients used in making the pizza. The crust is freshly baked and the toppings are of high quality.

At panera, pizzas are not just a quick meal, but a culinary experience. Customers can customize their pizza to their liking and enjoy it with their favorite side dish. The price point is worth trying at least once to experience the deliciousness of the pizza.

Panera’s pizza can be considered a gourmet pizza without the gourmet price tag. All in all, if you’re looking for a premium pizza experience, panera’s pizza is definitely worth a try.

Convenience and Accessibility

Panera has stepped up their game by offering up pizza on their menu. The convenience of being able to order pizza from panera is impressive as it is accessible at most of their locations. Comparing the accessibility of panera’s pizza to other popular pizza chains, panera’s options are a great addition to their menu.

The crust is thin, crispy, and baked to perfection while the toppings are flavorful and delicious. With their healthy options and quality toppings, panera pizza is a great alternative for those looking for a quick and tasty meal. Overall, the verdict is in and panera’s pizza is definitely worth trying.

Health Considerations

Panera’s pizza is a delicious treat, but how healthy is it? We delved into the nutritional value of panera’s pizza and compared it to other popular pizza chains. While the calorie count for panera’s pizza is lower than some competitors, it still contains high amounts of sodium and fat.

However, panera offers options like their “you pick two” deal that allows customers to pair a smaller portion of pizza with a salad or soup to create a more balanced meal. As with any food, moderation is key. Overall, while panera’s pizza might not be the healthiest option out there, it’s certainly worth a try for those looking for a tasty treat.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Panera Have Pizza On Its Menu?

Yes, panera serves flatbread pizzas on its menu. These are freshly baked disks of dough with various toppings, including chicken, tomato, bacon, and cheese.

What Kind Of Crust Does Panera Use For Its Pizza?

The crust for panera pizza is made from fresh dough that is thin and crispy in texture. It is topped off with fresh ingredients and baked in stone ovens.

How Does Panera Pizza Compare With Other Pizza Chains?

Panera pizza is unique in that it is not a traditional pizza chain. It is a bakery-cafe chain that offers a variety of food items, including flatbread pizzas. The crust is thin and crispy, and toppings are fresh and flavorful.

Is Panera Pizza Healthy?

Panera pizza is healthier than traditional pizza as it is made from fresh dough, contains fewer calories, and offers plenty of nutritious toppings. The flatbread pizzas are also smaller in size, making them a perfect meal option for one.

Can I Customize My Pizza At Panera?

Yes, panera allows customers to customize their pizza by selecting different toppings to suit their taste. Some of the popular toppings include chicken, spinach, mushroom, bacon, and cheese.


After analyzing what makes good pizza, tasting panera’s pizza, and taking into account the opinions of others, i can say with confidence that panera pizza is good. It may not meet the standards of a traditional pizzeria, but it has its own unique and delicious flavor.

The crust is crispy and chewy, the toppings are fresh and flavorful, and the quality of the ingredients is evident. While some may argue that the prices are high, it is important to consider the convenience, atmosphere, and overall quality of the experience at panera.

Whether you’re in the mood for pizza or another one of their menu items, you can count on panera to deliver a satisfying meal. So next time you’re deciding where to grab a slice, consider giving panera a try.

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