Is Doordash Safe? 5 Facts That Will Help You Decide

Yes, doordash is safe to use. Doordash has multiple measures in place to ensure the safety and security of its customers, including background checks for drivers, order tracking, and contactless delivery options.

As the world shifts towards convenience, food delivery services like doordash have become increasingly popular. However, the safety and security of such services have also been a concern for many users. With doordash, safety is taken seriously, and measures are implemented to ensure the overall protection of its customers.

In this article, we will explore the measures taken by doordash to make its platform safe, the safety tips for customers, and some of the common safety questions asked by users of the service.

What is Doordash?

Doordash is an on-demand food delivery service accessible through a mobile app. It connects customers with nearby restaurants and provides them with delivery services. Doordash drivers, known as dashers, retrieve the order from the restaurant and deliver it to the customers.

It currently operates in over 4,000 cities in the us, canada, and australia, delivering from over 310,000 restaurants. The company states that it prioritizes safety and provides thorough background checks for its dashers. Customers can also track their orders in real-time through the app.

However, like any delivery service, safety concerns may arise from time to time. It is recommended that customers adhere to safety protocols when handling their orders, such as washing their hands and handling the package with caution.

Concerns About Doordash’S Safety

Doordash is a popular food delivery service that has been in operation since 2013. Recently, concerns have been raised about the safety of using the platform. Various news stories have highlighted incidents such as delivery drivers being involved in accidents, theft and even assaults.

In response, doordash has implemented safety measures such as background checks for drivers, providing insurance coverage, and partnering with law enforcement agencies. Despite these efforts, some customers remain hesitant to use the service due to safety concerns. Doordash continues to strive to provide a safe and reliable service for its customers.

Fact #1: Doordash’S Background Checks

Doordash’s background check process includes a criminal background check, motor vehicle record check, and identity verification check. The criminal background check goes back seven years and looks for offenses such as violent crimes, theft, and drug-related convictions. The motor vehicle record check ensures that drivers have a valid driver’s license and a clean driving record.

Additionally, drivers must pass an identity verification check to ensure they are who they say they are. Doordash’s background check process is similar to other food delivery apps such as uber eats and grubhub, but each company may have different requirements or criteria.

Overall, doordash’s background check process is designed to provide a safe and secure experience for both customers and drivers.

Fact #2: Insurance Coverage For Doordash Drivers

Doordash is one of the leading food delivery apps, and a pertinent question is whether it is safe for drivers and customers alike. One of the factors to consider is the insurance coverage provided by the platform for its drivers.

Doordash offers liability insurance to its drivers, with coverage of up to $1 million in property damage and bodily injury. This coverage is comparable to what other food delivery apps offer. However, it is important to note that this insurance only applies when the driver is on an active delivery.

When the driver is not on an active delivery, their personal auto insurance will apply. Therefore, it is crucial for doordash drivers to have their personal auto insurance that covers their needs.

Fact #3: In-App Safety Features

Doordash is committed to ensuring the safety of both its customers and drivers. The app offers in-app safety features that are constantly being improved to prevent any potential risks. The gps tracking system allows for customers to track their order and driver in real-time.

The two-way rating system allows for both parties to rate their experience and provide feedback. Emergency response buttons are available for drivers to quickly contact local authorities in case of an emergency. Drivers are required to go through background checks and vehicle inspections before being approved to drive for doordash.

As a result, the app is deemed safe for both customers and drivers alike, making it a reliable option for food delivery services.

Fact #4: Doordash’S Covid-19 Safety Measures

As the covid-19 pandemic continues to affect the world, doordash has implemented safety measures to protect both customers and drivers. To ensure safe delivery, drivers are required to wear face masks and clean their hands frequently. Customers can request contactless delivery and track their orders in real-time through the app.

Doordash also offers financial assistance to drivers who are diagnosed with covid-19 or require assistance due to quarantine or stay-at-home orders. These measures aim to provide a safe and secure environment for everyone involved in the delivery process.

Fact #5: User Ratings And Reviews

Customers can leave ratings and reviews for their doordash drivers. These ratings and reviews provide valuable feedback and can impact driver safety. If a driver consistently receives low ratings or negative reviews, they may be removed from the platform. On the other hand, drivers with high ratings and positive reviews tend to receive more orders and may be more reliable.

As a customer, it’s important to leave honest and accurate ratings and reviews to help ensure the safety of all parties involved. It’s also important to keep in mind that driver safety goes beyond just ratings and reviews, and doordash has implemented various safety measures to protect both their drivers and customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Doordash Safe For Customers?

Yes, doordash is safe for customers. They have multiple safety features such as contact-free delivery, id verification for alcohol deliveries, and in-app emergency support.

How Does Doordash Ensure Food Safety?

Doordash partners with restaurants that follow health guidelines and has implemented strict safety measures due to covid-19. Drivers also have insulated bags to keep food at the right temperature.

Are Doordash Drivers Vetted Before Being Hired?

Yes, doordash conducts background checks on all drivers before hiring them. This includes driving record and criminal history checks.

Can I Track My Food Delivery On Doordash?

Yes, you can track your food delivery on doordash in real-time. You’ll receive notifications as the driver gets closer to your location.

Does Doordash Have Insurance For Accidents?

Yes, doordash provides insurance for their drivers that covers any accidents while on the job. This includes liability and collision insurance.

Is There A Guarantee For Doordash Orders?

Yes, doordash has a satisfaction guarantee for all orders. If you’re not satisfied with your order, they’ll refund or credit your account.


Ultimately, the question of whether doordash is safe depends on various factors. It is important to be aware of potential risks and take necessary precautions, such as checking the driver’s information and tracking orders in real-time. However, doordash has implemented measures to prioritize the safety of their customers and drivers.

For instance, background checks and safety trainings are mandatory for their drivers, and they have a customer support team available 24/7 to handle any issues. Overall, it is up to the individual to assess their own comfort level and make their own judgment about using the service.

With that said, taking into account the safety measures implemented by doordash, it can be concluded that the service is generally safe and reliable for both customers and drivers alike. As with any service, using your common sense and staying vigilant will ensure the safest and most enjoyable experience possible.

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