Is Chownow Legit? Unveiling the Truth with Verified Facts

Chownow is a legitimate online food ordering platform. It allows restaurants to create their own website and app to accept orders from customers directly.

Founded in 2010, chownow is now one of the leading platforms in the industry, providing restaurants of all sizes with the tools they need to succeed in the digital age. The platform offers a range of features, including custom branding, simplified order management, and real-time analytics, all of which help restaurants to streamline their operations and boost their revenue.

In addition, chownow provides exceptional customer support, ensuring that restaurants have the help they need whenever they need it. Overall, chownow is a reliable and valuable platform that helps restaurants to connect with customers and grow their business.

Understanding Chownow And Its Services

Chownow is a legitimate online ordering platform that caters to restaurants and their patrons. It allows them to digitalize their menus, accept orders, and deliveries from customers. Chownow operates on a subscription and commission business model to cover running costs and generate revenue for the company.

The concept began in 2011 when founder chris webb’s favorite thai restaurant stopped delivery services. He saw an opportunity to fill the gap and started a data-driven platform that succeeded, connecting over 18k restaurants and hundreds of thousands of customers.

Chownow alleviates the traditional challenges for restaurants, including retaining customer data, managing orders, and negotiating high commission fees with third-party delivery services. Chownow’s services are a significant investment in the restaurant industry, particularly in these times of contactless services.

Concerns About Chownow’S Credibility

Chownow is a popular online ordering platform for restaurants, but concerns about its credibility have been raised by many users. Some factors causing doubts include the company’s lack of a physical address and limited contact information. Additionally, some users have experienced technical issues with the platform or have had trouble getting in touch with customer support.

Complaints filed against chownow have included billing issues and delays in receiving orders. However, it is worth noting that many users have had positive experiences with chownow, and the company has resolved many of the complaints filed against it. Ultimately, whether or not to use chownow is up to individual restaurant owners and customers, who should do their own research before making a decision.

Chownow’S Business Model And Operations

Chownow operates as an intermediary platform between restaurants and customers. Its business model involves receiving orders placed by customers from the restaurant’s website or app and forwarding it to the restaurant. The restaurant prepares the food and hands it over to the customer upon delivery or pickup.

Chownow’s role is mainly to provide a software and technology infrastructure for restaurants to accept orders online easily. Merchants pay a transaction fee, as well as a monthly subscription fee to utilize the platform. Chownow holds a good reputation as a legit online ordering solution for restaurants.

Despite its higher pricing than other ordering platforms, it provides robust technology and customization features. Chownow manages its operations by implementing software updates, offering live support for its users, and providing analytics features for merchants to track their sales.

Chownow’S Security And Privacy Measures

Chownow is a well-known food delivery platform that has become increasingly popular in recent years. The security and privacy measures put in place by chownow to protect its users have come under scrutiny. However, chownow’s security measures are on par with its competitors, and its privacy policy is transparent.

They have robust measures in place to safeguard user data from external threats. Analyzing chownow’s privacy policy, there is no indication of misuse of user data for commercial purposes. Compared to competitors, chownow has encryption, ssl technology, and firewall protection.

Chownow is indeed legit, with adequate protection measures for its users’ data and privacy.

Real User Reviews Of Chownow

Chownow, a popular food ordering system, has attracted the attention of many users. We have collected feedback from real chownow users, including reviews, ratings, and feedback. Analyzing common themes in these reviews can help us better understand user experiences. Users generally praised the ease and convenience of the platform, but some reported issues with payment and customer service.

It’s important to note that user feedback can greatly impact a company’s credibility. Chownow has responded to feedback by improving their platform and addressing concerns. Ultimately, while there are some negative reviews, chownow remains a legit and reliable food ordering option.

Frequently Asked Questions Of Is Chownow Legit

Is Chownow Legit Or A Scam?

Chownow is a legitimate online ordering system designed for restaurants. It is safe to use, and they offer fraud protection to their clients. They have been in business since 2010, and their platform is used by over 17,000 restaurants worldwide.

How Does Chownow Work?

Chownow allows customers to order food online directly from the restaurant’s website or mobile app. The platform integrates with the restaurant’s point of sale system, making it easy for restaurants to manage orders and payments. Customers can choose to pick up their orders or have them delivered.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Chownow For A Restaurant?

Chownow offers several benefits to restaurants, including increased revenue, improved customer experience, and increased efficiency. The platform allows customers to order online, which increases the number of orders a restaurant can handle. It also streamlines the ordering process, making it easier for restaurants to manage orders and payments.

Additionally, chownow can help restaurants to build customer loyalty by offering incentives and discounts.

Is Chownow Expensive For Restaurants?

Chownow offers a variety of pricing plans depending on the restaurant’s needs. Their pricing is reasonable, and they do not charge a commission on the orders a restaurant receives through their platform. The pricing plans include various features such as marketing tools, social media integration, and custom branding.

What Are The Alternatives To Using Chownow For Online Ordering?

There are several alternatives to chownow for online ordering, including grubhub, uber eats, and doordash. However, these platforms charge a commission on each order, which can eat into a restaurant’s profits. Additionally, they may not offer the same level of customization and branding that chownow does.

It’s essential for restaurants to evaluate their options carefully and choose a platform that best meets their needs.


After conducting thorough research and examining customer reviews and ratings, it can be concluded that chownow is a legitimate and trustworthy platform for ordering food online. The platform offers a variety of features such as custom branding, easy menu setup, and third-party integrations that make it a popular choice for restaurateurs.

Users can benefit from its user-friendly interface, quick order processing, and seamless payment system. While there may be some negative reviews regarding customer support, the overall feedback from customers is positive, and chownow has consistently worked towards improving its services.

Moreover, chownow proves to be a cost-effective and efficient alternative to other food delivery platforms. With its vast network of restaurants and proven track record, chownow is worth exploring in the competitive food delivery industry.

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