The Complete Guide to The Instacart Waiting List

As we navigate our busy lives, grocery shopping can sometimes feel like a chore. Fortunately, services like Instacart have emerged, making it possible to have groceries delivered right to our doorstep.

If you’ve tried signing up for Instacart recently, you may have encountered the “Instacart Waiting List”.

This guide is here to explain what the Instacart waiting list is, why it exists, and what you can expect when you’re on it.

Instacart is a popular grocery delivery service that partners with local grocery stores to deliver groceries and other household items directly to customers.

Because of the service’s popularity, especially amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a high demand for Instacart shoppers.

This has led to the creation of an Instacart waiting list for potential shoppers waiting to join the platform.

How to Join the Instacart Waiting List: A Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1: Apply Online

Start by applying online on the Instacart website or through the app. You’ll need to provide basic information about yourself and consent to a background check.

Step 2: Complete the Background Check

Once you’ve submitted the initial application, Instacart will run a background check. This process can take a few days.

Step 3: Get Added to the Waiting List

If there are more applicants than open positions in your area, you’ll be placed on the waiting list. Instacart will notify you when a position becomes available.

Apply Online to Join the Instacart Waiting List

How long will I be on Instacart waitlist?

The length of time you’ll spend on the Instacart waiting list varies depending on demand in your area. Some people may only wait a few days, while others may wait several weeks.

Why is there a waitlist for Instacart?

The waitlist exists because the demand for shoppers often exceeds the number of available positions. The waitlist ensures that new shoppers are brought on as needed to meet demand.

Does Instacart pay you for waiting?

No, Instacart does not pay you while you’re on the waiting list. You’ll start earning money once you begin shopping and delivering orders.

Who pays more Shipt or Instacart?

Both Shipt and Instacart offer similar pay structures, and your earnings will largely depend on the number of orders you complete and the tips you receive.

Some shoppers report earning slightly more with one service over the other, but this can vary by location and personal experience.

What to Expect When You’re on the Instacart Waiting List

Being on the waiting list means you’ve completed the application process but are waiting for a position to open up.

You’ll receive periodic updates from Instacart about your status. You can also check your status on the Instacart app or website.

Tips for Moving up Faster

While there’s no guaranteed way to move up faster on the waiting list, keeping your application information up to date and checking in with Instacart customer service can potentially speed up the process.

Instacart Waiting List Delivery Volume

The Impact of Location

Your location and the demand for shoppers in your area have a significant impact on your wait time. Areas with high demand for Instacart services will likely have shorter wait times.

Instacart’s Policies

Instacart’s policies for the waiting list are straightforward. Applicants are added to the list on a first-come, first-served basis and are notified as positions become available.

Instacart Waiting List Delivery Volume

The waiting list helps Instacart manage the volume of deliveries and ensure they have an appropriate number of shoppers for each area.

This helps maintain a balance between supply and demand, ensuring good service for customers and steady work for shoppers.

People Also Search

What happens if I don’t hear from Instacart while on the waiting list?

If you haven’t heard from Instacart within a few weeks of being added to the waiting list, it’s a good idea to reach out to customer service for an update on your status.

Can I apply to more than one area?

Yes, you can apply to shop in more than one area. However, you’ll need to be able to travel to the stores in those areas to pick up and deliver orders.

How do I know when I’ve been taken off the waiting list?

You’ll receive an email from Instacart notifying you when you’ve been taken off the waiting list and can start shopping.

Can I reapply if I’ve been removed from the Instacart platform?

If you’ve been removed from the Instacart platform for any reason, you’ll need to contact Instacart directly to discuss the possibility of reapplying.

What are the requirements to be an Instacart shopper?

Instacart shoppers must be at least 18 years old, have legal authorization to work in the country they’re applying in, have regular access to a vehicle and a smartphone, and be able to lift heavy items.

Final Thoughts

The Instacart waiting list is a necessary tool for managing the high demand for shoppers.

While waiting to start working as an Instacart shopper can be frustrating, remember that the waiting list is in place to ensure a balance between the number of shoppers and the demand for deliveries.

While you wait, consider exploring other similar platforms like Shipt or Postmates.

Regardless of the wait, the convenience and flexibility of working as an Instacart shopper make it an appealing option for many people looking to earn extra income.

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