The Simple Ways of How To Cut a Pizza Into 7 Slices Equally at Home

Now that your pizza is out of the oven (fresh, nutritious, and attractively baked). What follows is cutting it into desired slices.

This article highlights how to cut a pizza into 7 slices, especially if that is the preferred number needed to go around per serving.

As you read along, the various tools that can be used to cut your pizza with ease will be discussed.

Not only that, the procedures across multiple techniques will be highlighted, ensuring interested individuals understand how to cut 7 slices of pizza immediately after it’s removed from the oven.

Interesting Facts of How To Cut a Pizza into 7 Slices

This section explains how the division can be achieved effortlessly, most notably the tools, materials, and steps involved in the process.

Individuals who bake their pizza at home, especially to enjoy with friends or family members.

The first thing that comes to mind is ensuring everyone has an equal share of this delicious snack.

In a situation where there are seven people in total, including yourself, your job is to ensure the pizza is cut or divided into equal parts. No one would entertain the idea of getting a smaller size.

If you have never baked a pizza before (for individuals making homemade pizza for the first time).

The process of cutting it into desired slices may look easy, judging from how the restaurant’s pizza appears nicely in the box until it’s time to try it independently.

Simple Process: How To Cut Pizza into 7 Slices

In essence, cutting the pizza into slices isn’t an instant success, considering it doesn’t always happen easily.

Nevertheless, knowing what to do, especially preparing the tools ahead of time and the way to go about the execution helps.

Pizza Cutting Tools

The following are some of the efficient tools that can be chosen to achieve smooth division of your pizza into the desired number of slices:

  • Pizza cutting guide
  • Pizza wheel
  • Knife
  • Cutting tray
  • Cutting blade
  • A clean towel
  • Pizza lifter

Step By Step Guide About How to Cut 7 Slices of Pizza

01. Choose a Preferred Tool

Settle for any of the cutting tools listed above. Nevertheless, a knife appears the most accessible option out of the five (5) means highlighted.

02. Getting The Tool Ready or Prepared for The Action

Do not assume it will be an easy task. As much as this guide focuses on making the experience seamless, the baker must also ensure they do their part or commit to the best practice.

Whatever tool you choose to settle with, ensure it is neat and sharp enough to cut through the pizza easily.

You do not want to massacre your beautiful creation due to negligence.

Regardless of how sharp the cutting tool must have appeared, there is no harm in sharping it one more time and adequately washing it before getting to work.

Basics of: Using a Pizza Cutting Guide

A cutting guide is one of the most popular tools used by restaurants, supermarkets, or other pizza outlets. It can also be used at home.

Based on its construction, it is an uncomplicated technique anyone would like.

Before we go further, it is essential to note that the cutting guide is designed according to the number of desired slices.

Individuals who are okay with 7 slices of pizza from time to time can pick up this tool accordingly.

It comes in a board and has demarcations made on it, with equal space between each gap that forms the slice once the pizza is placed on it.

  • Once the pizza is done, take it out of the oven and transfer it to the cutting guide designed for seven (7) slices.
  • Pick a sharp pizza cutter or knife and cut through the markings. Ensure the direction is appropriate to achieve equal division.


The cutting guide’s design is specific. It can solely be used to achieve the number of slices it’s designed for.

If you pick up a cutting guide built to cut a pizza into seven (7) portions, it can’t work for eight (8) or more options if the idea is to achieve an even division.

To know about the conveyor pizza oven top list you can read our article.

Pizza protractor

This is another popular tool amongst professionals who make pizza in any outlet around you.

This tool is circular and has various labeled angles to support equal measurement.

  • Place the protractor on the pizza (the flat side) to mark seven (7) equal angles.
  • Once adequate/even marking has been achieved, hold the protractor at its handle
  • Place the circular/curved side on each marked point/position one after the other and cut through.
  • Alternatively, a cutter or knife can be used to cut through the pizza. In such a case, the protractor only does the job of marking the seven (7) equal points to achieve a perfect number of slices.

Easy Ways: Cutting The Pizza With a Knife

Unusually, the absence of the previously discussed tools shouldn’t affect your desire/decision to bake and share a delicious pizza with your friends or family members.

In that case, a big and well-sharpened knife can be used. However, achieving a perfect cutting may not work.

The process may take longer than using a gauge (cutting guide or protractor).

Option 1

  • Take out the pizza from the oven and place it on a prepared tray to be used for cutting
  • Cut through the pizza (vertically), dividing it into two equal halves. The first half can be divided into three, while the other can be divided into four, giving the desired seven (7) slices.

Nevertheless, this won’t do justice to the share of a slice each person would get.

Option 2

  • Take out the pizza from the oven and place it on the tray or board
  • Cut through the pizza (vertically and horizontally). The result or outcome of this process is four (4) slices, which are triangular in shape
  • Take out one of the slices, leaving you with three (3) big pizza slices
  • Now to what seems like the tricky aspect of this procedure. Cut a line through the three (3) pizza slices diagonally.

This divided each slice of pizza into 2 portions, making six (6) in the process.

Adding the six (6) slices to the one (1) slice that was lifted from the tray earlier (step 2) makes it seven in total.

Option 3

  • Take out the pizza from the oven and transfer it to the prepared tray/board.
  • Make a mark at seven different points across the pizza and cut through these points to achieve the desired number of slices.

Although these three (3) options might not deliver perfect/even slices, the process involved is smooth and effortless.

Important Tips to Consider When How to Cut a Pizza into 7 Slices

Now that you know how to cut 7 slices of pizza, it doesn’t stop there. Some tips that can help set the tempo right from the start are stated below.

01. Prepare The Cutting Tools Ahead of Time

Once the pizza enters the oven, get the necessary tools/materials ready for action while waiting for it to be done.

Check if the tools are clean during the waiting period, and free from dust or other contaminants. Wash them appropriately, if need be.

Whatever cutting tool you choose or settle with, ensure it is sharp enough to cut through at once.

A sharp cutting tool guarantees smooth movement (back and forth), reducing the rate at which the cheese sticks to the cutting tool.

02. Timely Division/Cutting

If this is the first time baking/making a pizza. This tip is vital to ensure you effortlessly cut your pizza to the desired number of slices.

If you are using a pizza wheel/cutter, ensure you immediately get to work once the pizza is done and removed from the oven. Do not leave it on the tray to cool down before you start slicing or cutting.

If the pizza is left to settle/cool for a few minutes before a cutting attempt is made, the texture would have toughened up, making the activity more challenging.

However, an individual using a knife would have to wait a bit, at least allow the cheese to cool before slicing/cutting to limit the rate at which cheese sticks on the blade.

03. Group or Individual Pizza

If you are known for baking/making a delicious pizza, friends and family would always like to get as many bites as possible.

In this case, evenness becomes a significant consideration or part of the plan.

In case of irregularities in the size of the slices, everyone would always look out or go for the biggest cut, which could lead to an unnecessary commotion.

After all, a delicious pizza is worth fighting for. A big lover of this food wouldn’t mind breaking a sweat to get the best.

For anyone making/baking pizza for a group of people, it is crucial to avoid cutting through the pizza to achieve the desired number of slices without using a gauge.

A gauge could be any tool that ensures an even cutting across the desired number of slices.

If the pizza is baked/made for individual consumption, you may not need to pay attention to the size of each slice.

04. Clean off Cheese Stick

If the cheese attaches to the blade after the first cut through the pizza, do not make a second attempt until it is wiped/cleaned to avoid interruptions.

If the blade is blocked with cheese, there is no way it can deliver an efficient operation going forward.

Get your clean towel within reach and use it to wipe off the cheese whenever it sticks until completion.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Can I Get a Quality Pizza Cutting Tool?

Irrespective of the type of cutting tool anyone decides to buy, these tools are easily-fetched and accessible.

Pizza-cutting tools can be purchased from stores online or from Home & kitchen appliances stores around you.

What kind of knife is Ideal For Cutting a Pizza?

Individuals who do not see any need for a pizza cutter or possibly can’t find a design that meets their requirements. A knife comes to mind for this activity.

Well, the cutting shouldn’t be done with any type of knife. For a smooth/effortless experience, ensure you settle for a big chef’s knife. Ensure it can easily slot into the pizza’s circumference.

How does a pizza wheel control cheese from sticking?

As the name implies, the wheel moves back and forth in a constant motion, leaving little or no room for the cheese to attach or stick to it.

What are the important safety measures to be implemented or considered?

As indicated earlier, the cutting tool must be sharp enough to cut through the pizza or penetrate the crust.

As a result, proper handling must be ensured to avoid cutting yourself. We suggest/recommend the use of new disposable hand gloves for this task.

The gloves provide your hands with an extra layer of safety for improved protection against possible casualties that may arise due to improper handling.

Who can cut a pizza?

If you can bake pizza, cutting it shouldn’t be an issue. Although the cutting process is tricky, anyone can do it once there is an appropriate cutting tool and the basic understanding/knowledge of its use.

Whatever tool anyone decides to settle for to achieve the number of slices they require, there are videos on YouTube on how to maintain/achieve efficient use/operation.

How long does it take to cut a pizza?

The time and effort required to cut a pizza to the number of slices the baker may want/desire depend on the cutting tool’s sharpness and how thick the pizza crust is.

Provided the condition is appropriate (the right tool and understanding the task), the process should take 1-2 minutes.

For professionals, this process could take less than a minute.

Final Thoughts

Although we have highlighted various ways/techniques how to cut a pizza into 7 slices, don’t beat yourself if it doesn’t go smoothly on the first attempt.

With continuous practice, you will get it right.

After all, the primary concern is how well the pizza turns out. In most cases, less attention is placed on the size or form.

What really matters is the pizza’s quality (the taste and feel) and not necessarily the size. No matter how small a slice could be, it delivers excellent satisfaction to cravings if it’s well-prepared.

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