How To Cook a Frozen Papa Murphy’s Pizza

Having a craving for pizza but don’t feel like ordering takeout or going to a restaurant?

If you have a Papa Murphy’s frozen pizza in your kitchen, you’re in luck!

Preparing a delicious pizza from Papa Murphy’s is surprisingly easy, so you can enjoy the cheesy goodness in no time at all.

Here’s a guide on how to cook a frozen Papa Murphy’s pizza.

Preparing The Oven

Before you begin, make sure that you have preheated your oven to the temperature marked on your Papa Murphy’s pizza box.

This temperature can vary depending on the type of pizza you have chosen.

For example, a pepperoni pizza should be cooked at 425°F, while a veggie pizza should be cooked at 400°F.

Topping Papa Murphys Pizza

Cooking The Pizza

Once your oven is ready, it’s time to start cooking the pizza! Place your frozen pizza directly on your oven rack, and make sure that it’s centered.

If your pizza is still in its cardboard sleeve, it is a good idea to remove it before cooking to ensure that your pizza is as crispy and evenly cooked as possible.

Topping The Pizza

If your pizza has been pre-topped, you can skip this step.

Otherwise, you can add your favorite toppings—such as cheese, olives, peppers or sausage—if you’d like.

For best results, sprinkle your desired toppings so that they are evenly distributed around the pizza.

Checking If it’s Ready

After you have cooked your pizza, check to make sure that it is crispy and light golden-brown.

If it still looks doughy, return it to the oven for a few more minutes, as needed.

When it is cooked to perfection, you can use a pizza cutter to cut the pizza into your desired slices.

Enjoying Your Pizza

Once your pizza is ready, enjoy it while it’s still hot! You can pair your pizza with a salad, soup or some other side dish, if you’d like.

Enjoy the satisfaction of a home-cooked pizza without the time and effort of ordering takeout or going out to eat!

How Long Can You Freeze Papa Murphy’s Pizza?

Papa Murphy’s frozen pizzas are great for ensuring that you always have a delicious meal on hand.

But how long can you safely store these pizzas in the freezer?

Fortunately, Papa Murphy’s frozen pizzas have a long freezer shelf life and can be stored safely for up to two months.

To maximize their storage time, they should be well-wrapped or stored in an airtight container to prevent freezer burn.

To make sure that your frozen pizza is in the best condition when you thaw and cook it, make sure to follow the storage guidelines as listed on the box.

Additionally, do not refreeze thawed items, as this may cause food safety issues.

Finally, when it comes time to cook your frozen pizza, make sure to preheat the oven to the temperature indicated on the box.

Once your oven is heated, place the pizza directly on the oven rack, and make sure it is centered.

After it is cooked, let it cool for a few minutes before cutting into slices and enjoying it!

Final Thoughts

Cooking a frozen Papa Murphy’s pizza at home is an easy, delicious way to enjoy a meal without the hassle of ordering takeout or going to a restaurant.

Plus, frozen pizzas are very versatile, so you are sure to find a favorite flavor or topping from their expansive selection.

So the next time you’re looking for a simple and delicious meal, whip up a Papa Murphy’s pizza for a meal that’s sure to satisfy.

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