Does Panda Express Have Chopsticks for Takeout Orders?

Yes, panda express provides chopsticks with their meals. Panda express is a fast-casual chain restaurant that offers american chinese cuisine with various dining options such as dine-in, takeout, and delivery.

Established in 1983, the restaurant has become widely recognized for its signature dishes like orange chicken, kung pao chicken, and beijing beef. Despite being a fast-casual restaurant, panda express reflects chinese culture through its food and dining tradition. Chopsticks are the traditional utensils used in chinese cuisine, and panda express provides them with every meal, making it easy for customers to experience chinese culture while enjoying their meal.

In this article, we will delve further into what panda express has to offer, its menu, dining options, and more.

Does Panda Express Offer Chopsticks for Takeout Orders?


History Of Chopsticks

Chopsticks have been a part of the chinese culture for nearly 3000 years. The origin of chopsticks is believed to trace back to the eastern zhou dynasty. During that period, chopsticks were called zhu, which means “bamboo. ” Eventually, the richer families started using ivory or jade chopsticks.

Nowadays, chopsticks are made from various materials such as bamboo, wood, plastic or metal. Chopsticks are deeply ingrained in chinese culture and are considered a part of the etiquette when dining. Almost all chinese restaurants, including panda express, offer chopsticks for dine-in orders.

However, they also provide chopsticks for takeout orders. So next time you order takeout from panda express, don’t hesitate to ask them for a pair of chopsticks.

Chopsticks In Panda Express

Panda express, a popular fast food chain, offers chopsticks with takeout orders. While spoons are also available, chopsticks are a distinctive cultural element of chinese cuisine. Chopsticks have been used for centuries in china and are used for picking up small bites of food while dining.

At panda express, customers can also find chopsticks galleries, which showcase the history and culture behind this traditional utensil. While some may prefer spoons, others appreciate the authentic experience of using chopsticks. To summarize, if you’re a fan of using chopsticks, panda express has got you covered with their takeout orders.

Does Panda Express Offer Chopsticks?

Panda express is a chinese fast food chain predominantly found in the united states. For takeout orders, customers often wonder if the restaurant offers chopsticks. Based on customer reviews, panda express does offer chopsticks but they are not automatically included in the takeout bags.

It is best to request them when placing your order. Additionally, panda express has a chopsticks policy for in-person dining. The restaurant uses disposable chopsticks made from materials like bamboo and wood. Some customers have praised the chopsticks for being easy to use and durable.

Others have noted that the chopsticks can be difficult to separate. Overall, chopstick availability at panda express depends on the location and type of order. If you prefer chopsticks with your meal, it’s best to ask the staff with a polite request.

Alternatives To Panda Express Chopsticks

Panda express, a popular chinese fast-food chain, does provide chopsticks for takeout orders. If you prefer different cutlery options, they also offer plastic forks, knives, and spoons. However, bringing your own chopsticks is always a great alternative. In fact, it’s more environmentally friendly and promotes sustainable practices.

You can easily purchase reusable chopsticks online or at a local asian grocery store. Moreover, some restaurants offer discounts or additional side dishes to customers who use their own chopsticks. Overall, while panda express does offer chopsticks, bringing your own is a wonderful option for those who want to reduce waste and showcase their love for chinese culture.

Frequently Asked Questions On Does Panda Express Have Chopsticks

Does Panda Express Give Chopsticks With Orders?

Yes, panda express typically includes chopsticks with their orders. They also offer forks and napkins for those who prefer them. If you need extra chopsticks, simply ask a team member.

Can You Bring Your Own Chopsticks To Panda Express?

Absolutely! If you prefer to use your own chopsticks, panda express welcomes you to bring them. You can also purchase a set of reusable chopsticks from them if you’d like.

Are Panda Express Chopsticks Disposable?

Yes, the chopsticks at panda express are disposable. They are made from wood and are typically thrown away after use. Panda express is committed to being environmentally responsible and offers recycling bins in their restaurants.

Does Panda Express Offer Sporks Or Knives?

Panda express does not typically offer sporks or knives. However, they do have plastic forks available if you prefer to use them. You can also request a knife if you need one.

What Type Of Chopsticks Does Panda Express Use?

Panda express uses traditional chopsticks made of wood. They are smooth and easy to hold. If you prefer a different type of chopstick, you can bring your own or request a set of reusable chopsticks.

How Many Chopsticks Come With A Panda Express Meal?

At panda express, each person’s meal typically comes with one set of chopsticks, one fork, and one napkin. If you need extra utensils, just ask a team member. They are happy to provide you with more.


It’s time to say it out loud: chopsticks have become an essential part of enjoying asian food around the world, and it is no different when it comes to dining at panda express. The popular fast-food chain offers chopsticks for customers who want to dive into their meal with an authentic experience.

However, it is also important to note that customers can request utensils or even ask for a fork if chopsticks aren’t suitable for their needs. Panda express prioritizes their customers’ satisfaction and makes sure that everyone has a pleasant dining experience.

Ultimately, whether you choose to use chopsticks or not while enjoying your meal at panda express, the most crucial thing is leaving satisfied and content. So, the next time you visit a panda express outlet, don’t hesitate to ask for chopsticks and enjoy your meal to the fullest!

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