Best Thing at Zaxbys: Tasty Chicken Fingers or Delicious Salads?

The best thing at zaxby’s is their famous hand-breaded chicken fingers. Their crispy and juicy texture combined with savory seasoning make them a must-try for chicken lovers.

As a fast-food chain well-known for its chicken fingers and wings, zaxby’s has become a staple for american cuisine. With more than 900 locations across the united states, zaxby’s has built a loyal following thanks to its delicious menu options, friendly service, and affordable prices.

The restaurant’s mouth-watering chicken dishes, including boneless wings, traditional wings, and chicken tenders, are the main attraction for customers. Those seeking some variety can also enjoy zaxby’s sandwiches, salads, and sides, including their famous crinkle-cut fries and texas toast. With so many tasty options, it’s no wonder why zaxby’s has won over the hearts and stomachs of so many fast-food enthusiasts.

Tasty Chicken Fingers or Delicious Salads

1. The Nutritional Value Of Each Item

When it comes to deciding between zaxby’s tasty chicken fingers and delicious salads, it’s important to consider the nutritional value of each item. Chicken fingers are typically higher in calories, fat, and sodium compared to the salads. However, salads may not provide enough protein for those looking to fill up.

It’s important to choose dressings wisely, as they can add up to hundreds of calories. Grilled chicken is a healthier option on top of salads, but crispy chicken is also an option if enjoyed in moderation. Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference and balancing nutritional goals with indulgence.

Zaxby’s offers a variety of options that can fit into a balanced diet.

2. The Taste Test

Zaxby’s is a popular fast food restaurant known for its chicken fingers and salads. But which one is better? Let’s conduct a taste test. The chicken fingers are crispy, juicy, and flavorful, with a variety of sauces to choose from.

The salads are fresh, colorful, and come with tasty toppings and dressings. It all depends on personal preference and what you’re in the mood for. Whether you’re in the mood for some delicious chicken fingers or a healthy and tasty salad, zaxby’s has got you covered.

So, the next time you visit zaxby’s, give both a try and decide for yourself which is the best thing on the menu.

3. Price And Availability

When it comes to price and availability, zaxbys offers a wide range of options for both chicken fingers and salads. Prices vary depending on location and serving size, but are generally affordable. Most zaxbys locations offer both dine-in and take-out options, making it easy for customers to enjoy their favorite zaxbys meals on-the-go.

Additionally, zaxbys has a mobile app that allows customers to order ahead and skip the line. Overall, if you are looking for tasty and convenient food options at a reasonable price, zaxbys has got you covered.

Frequently Asked Questions Of Best Thing At Zaxbys

What Is The Best Thing To Order At Zaxby’S?

The most popular and best thing to order at zaxby’s is the chicken finger plate. It comes with a generous portion of their famous hand-breaded chicken fingers, zax sauce, crinkle fries, texas toast, and a drink.

What Are Some Must-Try Menu Items At Zaxby’S?

Apart from the classic chicken finger plate, other must-try menu items at zaxby’s include their wings, salads, and sandwiches. Their wings come in a variety of flavors, including buffalo, honey mustard, and teriyaki. The cobb zalad and the southern tlc sandwich are also fan favorites.

Does Zaxby’S Offer Any Vegetarian Or Vegan Options?

Yes, zaxby’s offers a few vegetarian and vegan options, including their garden zalad, grilled cheese sandwich, and celery sticks. They also have a vegetarian version of their chicken finger plate, which comes with a side of tofu.

Is Zaxby’S Chicken Hormone-Free And Antibiotic-Free?

Yes, zaxby’s chicken is hormone-free and antibiotic-free. The chicken is fresh, and they use all-natural ingredients to make their famous hand-breaded chicken fingers.

What Is Zaxby’S Zax Club And How Can I Join?

The zax club is zaxby’s loyalty program where members can earn points and redeem them for rewards like free food, gifts, and special offers. You can join the zax club by signing up on their website or by downloading their app.

Does Zaxby’S Offer Any Gluten-Free Options?

Yes, zaxby’s offers a few gluten-free options, including their grilled chicken sandwich, chicken salad, and wings. They also have a gluten-free menu available on their website where you can find more options and nutritional information.


After trying out all the different food options at zaxby’s, it’s clear that there’s one dish that stands out among the rest. The zaxby’s chicken finger plate is the ultimate comfort food that never grows old. It delivers the perfect combination of juicy chicken, crispy fries, and garlic toast that leaves a satisfying taste in your mouth.

Apart from the mouth-watering taste, the chicken finger plate is also one of the most economical deals on the menu at zaxby’s. Whether you’re looking for a quick bite or a hearty meal, the chicken finger plate has got you covered.

No wonder it’s the go-to option for many zaxby’s regulars. So, if you’re a rookie at zaxby’s and wondering what to order, don’t hesitate to try the chicken finger plate, and we promise you won’t be disappointed. If you’re looking for the best thing at zaxby’s, the chicken finger plate is the way to go!

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