Best Pizza Chain Canada: Tasting the Nation’s Top Slices!

Pizza pizza is the best pizza chain in canada, with over 700 locations nationwide. Founded in 1967, it is known for its traditional and gourmet pizzas, as well as its wide variety of other menu items such as sandwiches, wings, and pasta dishes.

Pizza pizza is committed to using fresh and high-quality ingredients in all of its meals, and offers a range of options for those with dietary restrictions such as gluten-free and vegetarian options. With its convenient online ordering and delivery services, it is no wonder why pizza pizza has been a favourite amongst canadians for over 50 years.

Best Pizza Chain Canada: Tasting the Nation's Top Slices!


Pizza Culture In Canada

Pizza has become a staple food in canada, with a rich history that dates back to the early 1900s. The country’s diverse population has influenced the types of pizza that are popular across different cities. The legendary pizzeria uno in toronto was one of the first establishments to introduce pizza to canadians.

Pizzas with exotic toppings such as bacon, smoked meat, and maple syrup have become favorites in the country. Today, some of the best pizza chains in canada include pizza nova, pizza pizza, and boston pizza among others. Canadians have a unique relationship with pizza, it has become more than just food, it’s a cultural phenomenon that has captured the hearts and stomachs of people across the nation.

The Hunt For The Best Pizza Chains In Canada

The hunt for the best pizza chains in canada begins! Let’s explore the top pizza chains everyone must try. Analyzing the menu and specialties of each chain is a must-do. But what do customers think? Their reviews and feedback ratings are crucial in deciding which chain is worth trying.

The most popular pizza chains may differ from province to province, from classic to unique toppings. From quick bites to family-friendly spots, the options are endless. Let’s dive into the world of canadian pizza chains and taste the nation’s top slices.

A Slice Of Heaven – Tasting The Best Pizza Chains In Canada

Canada is a nation that loves its pizza. We taste-test the country’s best pizza chains. To get a comprehensive analysis, we’ve done location-wise research and visited renowned pizza chains to curate the top slices. Our team of pizza connoisseurs did a taste test to determine the best pizza chain in canada.

During our journey, we tried various flavors and toppings, from classic margarita to meat lover’s pizzas. We checked how crusts crisp up, the quality of the sauce, and the balance of toppings. The result – a slice of heaven that you can’t resist.

Factors That Make A Pizza Chain Stand Out From The Rest

To stand out from the sea of pizza chains in canada, it takes more than just good food. But, a pizza’s ingredients are critical to set the chain apart from the rest. Toppings and their quality play an important role in elevating the pizza experience.

A chain that goes above and beyond in terms of toppings will certainly catch the attention of the pizza lovers. Additionally, the secret to a perfect pizza crust is something that every chain should invest in. Having a crust that is crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside is what sets the best apart from the mediocre.

By creating a pizza that checks all of these boxes, a chain can become a beloved staple in the canadian pizza scene.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Best Pizza Chain In Canada?

Picking the best pizza chain in canada is subjective, but popular options include pizza pizza, pizza nova, and domino’s. Each restaurant offers their take on pizza, with various sizes and toppings to choose from.

Which Pizza Chain Offers The Best Takeout Options?

Most pizza chains in canada offer takeout options, but some stand out with robust systems to streamline the process. Pizza hut offers various takeout options with easy-to-use online ordering platforms, and pizza pizza has a similar system with an app for added convenience.

What Pizza Chain Has The Most Vegetarian Options?

Vegetarian pizza is becoming increasingly popular in canada, and pizza chains are taking notice. Pizza nova offers multiple vegetarian toppings such as grilled veggie and goat cheese, while boston pizza has an extensive vegetarian menu with options like the spicy perogy pizza.


After a thorough analysis of the best pizza chains in canada, we have come to the conclusion that each of the top contenders brings their unique flair to the canadian pizza scene. Boston pizza’s extensive menu, pizza pizza’s affordability, and domino’s digital innovation all make them stand out in their own ways.

However, pizza nova’s commitment to high-quality ingredients and consistently delicious pizzas make them the top choice for pizza lovers seeking an authentic and satisfying culinary experience. Ultimately, the best pizza chain in canada depends on one’s preferences and priorities. No matter which chain you choose, you are sure to satisfy your cravings with a warm, delicious slice of pizza.

So, next time you’re in the mood for some pizza, give one of these top chains a try, and see which one wins over your taste buds.

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