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Top 11 Best Commercial Wood Fired Pizza Oven With Quality Equipment & Durability

If you love a classy, perfectly crunchy pizza, the best commercial wood-fired pizza oven is an acquisition you’ll not regret.

Pamper your taste buds with the most delicious pizza without making an effort.

Enjoy a durable, heavily insulated pizza oven that will last a lifetime and prepare your favorite pizza at any time, in the comfort of your backyard or even your home.

While the wood will keep the oven running, the delicious pizza will keep your friends happy!

Buying Facts of Best Commercial Wood Fired Pizza Oven

Now that we’ve analyzed the best brands for a commercial wood-fired pizza oven, it’s time to list their most important features. Here are the aspects you must consider before making your choice:

Building Materials & Insulation

Wood-fired pizza ovens come in many styles, but the building materials are not as varied.

The usual materials include stainless steel, durable but sometimes predisposed to corrosion, iron sheet, concrete, and fire bricks. When applied as an exterior layer, concrete has the property of maintaining it cold and preventing burns.

Another important aspect to look for is quality insulation. Look for pizza ovens that have a minimum of 2 layers of insulation.

It’s usually placed between the walls of the dome and it plays one of the most important roles in cooking and maintaining the heat for a longer time.


The second most important thing besides quality is the dimension of your pizza oven.

There are several sizes available out there, from ovens that cook one pizza to the ones that fit up to 5 pizzas at a time.

There are even wood-fired pizza ovens that are suitable for commercial purposes, the choice is yours.


Next, consider the versatility of the wood-fired pizza oven and compare it to your needs.

Do you only want to prepare delicious pizza or do you hope to use the oven for multiple purposes?

Entire menus can be prepared using the best commercial wood-fired oven, so make sure you know what you are searching for.


When it comes to installation and budget, this is a crucial aspect.

While oven kits come at a wallet-friendly cost and are usually customizable, you should probably reserve a whole weekend for a proper assembly.

Preassembled ovens make your life easier, so all that’s left to do is place them in the best spot.

Heating Time

All pizza ovens require preheating before they can bake any food item. Whether it’s pizza or bread, each wood-fired oven comes with its own heating time.

Make sure to check this out when reading a product’s description.

Some ovens reach their optimal temperature in as little as 5 minutes and ovens require as long as an hour and a half.

The maximum temperature is also a specification worth noting, as a pizza oven requires at least 600 degrees Fahrenheit for doing its job.

Apart from how fast can the best commercial wood-fired pizza oven heat up and cook a pizza, it’s also important how long it can maintain the warmth.

A properly insulated oven should be able to keep a pizza warm hours after it was prepared.

Our Recommended Top Picks

IlFornino38" L x 25" W
Cuore Ovens42.52 x 41.34 x 23.62 inches
Chicago Brick Oven27" x 22" Cooking Surface
Western Pacific44" W x 30" D x 80" H
ALFA OVENS43 x 49 x 30 inches
Chicago Brick Oven‎38" x 28" Cooking Surface
ALFA OVENS32.3 x 32.5 x 47.6 inches
EuroFlame39.4" W x 26" H x 39.4" D
Authentic Pizza Ovens39" W x 31” H x 39" D
Forno Bravo37.5 x 37.5 x 29 inches
Forno Bravo41.75 x 41.75 x 29 inches

What is The Ideal Commercial Wood Fired Pizza Oven?

The one pizza oven that exceeds them all in terms of quality and utility is IlFornino il3002.

The model is an upgrade from the original Ilfornino oven, combining the taste of a traditional Napolitano pizza with a modern appearance.

Made from durable steel and with a maximum heating temperature reached in only 22minutes, this commercial wood-fired oven can catch the attention of any pizza passionate with a single look.

Is Ilfornino Worth Buying for Commercial Purpose?

Traditional pizza ovens excel in taste, while modern ones excel in style and insulation.

Ilfornino manages to keep the traditional crunchy pizza while adding impressive features to its product.

This wood-fired pizza oven is 5 times more insulated than its previous models and can heat up in as little as 25 minutes.

What also puts this oven on top is its ability to retain heat and keep your pizza warm and tasty even after several hours have passed.

Add that after it heats up, your favorite pizza can be ready in 70 seconds!

In-Depth Reviews of Best Commercial Wood Fired Pizza Oven on The Market



Highlighted Features

  • High grade 430 stainless steel
  • 2 layers of ceramic fiber insulation
  • Double-wall dome
  • Refractory pizza stone floor
  • 1007 square inches of cooking area
  • Locally built fire bricks

From its delivery to its functionality, ilFornino il3002 impresses its customers over and over again, proving itself worthy of first place in the top for the best commercial wood-fired pizza oven.

To begin with, the wood-fired oven is extremely well built. It’s made of high-grade stainless steel with a thicker gauge than its previous models.

Its total cooking area is 1007 square inches, allowing you to easily cook a large pizza.

Moreover, after the oven is heated up, preparing a pizza can take about 70 seconds, so don’t be afraid to throw a pizza party for your neighbors!

Another benefit of ilFornino is that the kit offers you every necessary item for properly using the commercial oven.

Use the extra brush to clean and maintain the quality of your oven over the years. Also, keep in mind that the included peel is also useful when it comes to handling a hot pizza.

The dense insulation is the secret to all its incredible properties. Two layers of heavy ceramic are placed between the walls of the dome, ensuring a faster heating process.

Additionally, a third blanket of ceramic is applied for the best heat retention. Never eat a cold pizza again with this inventive product!


  • Incredibly well packaged
  • Brush & large peel included
  • Easy to transport


  • Screws may begin to rust



Highlighted Features 

  • Refractory cement pieces
  • Perfect for cooking multiple dishes
  • The finish material is of your choice
  • Large dimensions
  • Can be placed both outdoors & indoors

CUORE OVEN is the next amazing brand to look into if you’re searching for the best commercial wood-fired pizza oven.

CUORE OVEN 1000 PLUS has multiple benefits when compared to other similar products, such as its large diameter and perfect temperature.

What makes this oven unique is that you can customize it as your heart desires.

Get the dom, along with its insulation, chimney, and functional pieces for a wallet-friendly price, and finish the oven with a material of your choosing.

The model allows you to style its exterior in any way. Choose between classic fire bricks, tiles, or a Greek-style oven, the options are limitless.

Another appreciated feature is the dimension of its cooking area, allowing you to cook up to three pizzas.

Even more, this oven can not only prepare delicious pizzas, but it can also cook meat, vegetables, and even complex dishes.


  • Delivered in perfect form
  • Can fit 3 pizzas at a time
  • Easy to assemble


  • More insulation would have been better



Highlighted Features

  • Unparallelled function
  • Enriched flavors
  • Multiple menu possibilities
  • Keeps high, even temperatures
  • Small dimensions, easy to fit
  • Certified

The CHICAGO BRICK OVEN is a popular name between pizza oven designers and manufacturers, not only because it sounds amazing but also due to its improved functions and aesthetics.

Its adjustable performance is due to a blend of quality grade refractory cement that improves heating properties.

The CBO-O-KIT-500 is one of the best commercial wood-fired pizza ovens because it provides a DYI  kit and lets your imagination do the work when it comes to assembling it.

Of course, instructions, as well as the main installation pieces are provided, and if you have any problems, premium customer support is there to help you at all times!

The CBO-500 DYI kit is the smallest one available on their site. Perfect for pizza lovers who crave a bite at random moments of the day, this oven can easily fit anywhere in your backyard and only weighs 350 lbs.

Last but not least, it offers an unparalleled function, with 3 main options to choose from.

You can either cook in excess of 1000 degrees, heat the oven faster, or maintain the heat for a longer period.

This unique feature makes it perfect for cooking even the most pretentious food items.

Test your creativity and prepare any menu, from bubbling cheese to a delicious pizza crust.


  • Premium customer support
  • Removable door
  • Holds heat for a long time


  • Can’t be used indoors



Highlighted Features

  • Bakes up to 4 pizzas at a time
  • Comes with a waterproof cover
  • XL wood-fired pizza oven
  • Cooking accessories included
  • Rapid heating time

When it comes to the best commercial wood-fired pizza oven, WESTERN PACIFIC is a brand worth considering.

SYM02P-SDS is an artisan stone bake made out of strong stainless steel. What you’ll notice from the first look at this oven is its extra-large size.

Imagine baking up to 4 pizzas at once for half an hour. It’s enough not only to feed your friends but the whole neighborhood.

That being said, the model is a fantastic addition for both personal and commercial use. Another benefit is its high-quality pizza stone surface.

Not only is this surface included in the package, but it’s also made out of stainless steel, so it provides the best resistance in time.

And now that we mentioned the stone surface, it’s a good time to mention that the kit also includes cooking accessories.

Some examples are a wire brush, a turner spatula, and a waterproof cover.

Finally, the one distinctive feature that will convince you to get this oven as fast as you can is its rapid heating time.

This wood-fired pizza oven can heat to its optimal temperature in only 5 minutes, making cooking faster and easier than ever.


  • Excellent insulation
  • Comes with 4 Castors
  • Heats up incredibly fast


  • The thickness of bricks differs



Highlighted Features 

  • 7,5 square feet floor area
  • 5 pizzas capacity
  • The heating time of 20 minutes
  • Maximum temperature: 752 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Alumina silicate bricks
  • Materials: iron sheet, ceramic fiber, stainless steel

ALFA OVENS FXALLE-LROAT-T is an example of what happens if you combine style, functionality, and a passion for baking pizzas in one ingenious invention.

The oven comes already assembled, so all you have to do is find the perfect place to place it.

The smart design is what sets this commercial wood-fired pizza oven apart from the rest. It uses ceramic fiber, stainless steel, and a durable iron sheet, each with unique properties and uses.

To add to all these, certain parts are colored and powder coated to offer the product a distinguished aspect.

While the refractory tiles from the oven’s floor are meant to store heat and convey the hot air to form the perfect pizza crust, the steel increases the temperature incredibly fast.

Lastly, the ceramic fiber is used for properly insulating the structure, so it maintains a warm temperature hours after the pizzas have been prepared.

Moreover, the brand added a pyrometer to the construction, allowing you to check the temperature in the combustion chamber and limit wood consumption.

The oven is not only great for baking pizzas but also for baking up to 4 kg of bread. So, its multifunctionality is also a benefit worth noting.


  • Excellent convection mechanism
  • Lost-lasting warmth
  • Ergonomic handles


  • Occupies a large space



Highlighted Features

  • 38’’ x 28’’ cooking surface
  • 3 baking options
  • Can be used for multiple food menus
  • IR thermometer gun included
  • Includes plate & door hardware
  • Customizable aspect

CHICAGO BRICK OVEN already sounds familiar. Like most popular brands, the brand offers its customers multiple product options, so customers can find the one that fits their wishes the best.

With that in mind, there are 3 commercial wood-fired pizza ovens manufactured by it. This particular model places itself in the middle in terms of dimensions and at the top in terms of popularity.

The brand is also known for adding phenomenal flavors to all food items.

Although it does an amazing job at baking the classic Neapolitan pizza, this oven can cook so many more dishes, adding its wood-fired taste to every single one of them.

Get creative and try out any food combination without any doubts. The oven will provide high, even temperatures through its smart convection system to ensure that all dishes will be perfectly cooked inside and out.

By now, you already know that CHICAGO BRICK OVEN is a brand that allows you to choose how to operate the oven, depending on time and preferences.

To add to these cooking options, CHICAGO BRICK OVEN also allows you to face the oven with any kind of brick in your unique style and blend it nicely with the surroundings.


  • Medium dimensions
  • The most popular model from Chicago ovens
  • Reliable in time


  • Complex installation process



Highlighted Features 

  • Compact dimensions
  • Fits 2 pizzas/2 kg of bread at one time
  • Reaches high temperatures
  • Minimal wood consumption
  • Incorporated ledge
  • Built-in pyrometer

This is the best commercial wood-fired pizza oven if you are a pizza lover with some space in your backyard but don’t want to turn it into a business.

It can cook up to 2 pizzas in as little as 90 seconds and requires a preheating of only 15-20 minutes to reach its optimal baking temperature.

Designed for terraces and balconies, its beautiful aspect will enhance the look of your garden and you’ll soon find your neighbors asking about a delicious pizza smell.

Its dimensions are perfect for amateurs and make transport a piece of cake. To help even more with that, the brand added castors for moving and a large handle on its side.

Even more, the door is designed to play a double role in the performance of this pizza oven.

Besides the ceramic insulation that ensures long-lasting heat and the wood-fired taste that only comes from this type of pizza oven, cooking is also influenced by the power of the generated flame.

By keeping the door closed, convection and conduction are the main cooking factors, evenly baking the pizza. To add a delicious crust to your creation, open the door and enlarge the flame.


  • Meals are ready in 5 minutes
  • Easy cleaning
  • Exceptional for backing Foccacia
  • Perfect for amateurs


  • It doesn’t include the flue



Highlighted Features

  • Radiant, conduction, and convection cooking
  • Handmade by artisans
  • Authentic building process
  • Lower dome for traditional pizza
  • The extra inner layer of fire brick & steel
  • Cold exterior concrete material

This extraordinary wood-fired pizza oven is handmade by professional and passionate Portuguese, offering you an authentic product of the highest quality.

EUROFLAME is known as a trustworthy brand that puts its heart into its products. Each oven is constructed by qualified workers, respecting unique quality standards.

The model stands out through its solid, durable construction. Its inner layer is made of brick and mortar for stability.

Next, it’s covered in refractory cement that adds the best insulation, so the oven maintains the pizza warm and soft for several hours.

The finish is usually white, but you can customize the oven as you wish by painting the final product.

Add your style and specific ideas to its design and create a piece that perfectly blends with your garden.

Moreover, EUROFLAME is a brand that prioritizes safety. With a low carbon emission and a concrete exterior, the oven protects you from burns even when it reaches its highest temperature.

This way, the inner brick layer protects the oven from heat damage, while the concrete protects your skin from any possible accidents.


  • Arrives fully assembled
  • No tools needed
  • Unique pizza taste


  • It takes at least 60 minutes to heat up



Highlighted Features

  • Patch kit for superficial cracks included
  • Triple insulation
  • Incorporated thermometer
  • Terracotta brick face
  • Zinc-plated door
  • Clasic Piazzaioli style

This authentic Lisboa pizza oven truly deserves to be on top of the best commercial wood-fired pizza ovens.

Unlike many other brands, this one offers you a handmade, unique oven that brings back the traditional Piazzaioli syle from Italy.

Feel the history contributing to the incredible taste of your pizzas while admiring the gorgeous exterior design.

The facade is constructed from slate stone, blending a variety of gray tones resembling natural stones.

Wood-fired pizza ovens are already special, as there are so many wood varieties that add their unique taste to the food.

However, this brand exceeds them all. It doesn’t use any prefabricated materials, building the ovens from scratch.

The concrete base adds durability, while the triple insulation ensured the best quality. Also, the oven has a rotisserie function, giving it incredible versatility.

If all these special features didn’t convince you yet, AUTHENTIC PIZZA OVENS even offers a repair kit that comes with the package.

It’s the perfect solution for the inevitable superficial cracks. This brand truly thought of everything, so you get the best experience possible!

The oven is meant to last years and with quality maintenance, it can even become a loyal friend.


  • A pizza is ready in 90 seconds
  • Individual designs
  • Extra accessories can be added


  • Dimensions may not be exact



Highlighted Features

  • Countertop installation
  • Yellow color
  • Space-age insulators
  • Primavera wood-fired oven
  • Handcrafted into an igloo shape
  • Reaches up to 900 degrees Fahrenheit

FORNO BRAVO is the last brand on our top for the best commercial wood-fired pizza ovens.

The compact oven can be used for cooking any kind of meal, from original Vera Napoletana pizza to meat & vegetables.

It’s handcrafted from the unique Giardino oven kit into a specific beehive shape.

It’s built to cook the traditional Italian pizza, with a low height doom that allows the oven to reach temperatures as high as 900 degrees Fahrenheit and create that smoky, crunchy taste.

This oven is the perfect, wallet-friendly choice for a family or group of friends who want to enjoy their favorite pizzas together at any time.

The stucco finish, as well as the quality sealing, gives this oven incredible durability that requires almost no maintenance effort.


  • Most-popular assembly from this brand
  • Improved protection through stucco finish
  • Excellent durability


  • Small dimensions



Highlighted Features

  • Weatherproof and rust-resistant
  • Comes with a metal door and thermometer
  • High alumina cast refractory material
  • 615 square inches of cooking surface
  • Terracotta flue

This amazing oven will make cooking pizzas even more fun. Not only is it very compact, making it easy to fit in most outdoor living spaces, but its igloo shape will surely add to the aesthetic of the place.

Considering that it has a 28’’ internal cooking surface, it provides enough space to cook anything that you can’t in an indoor oven. The best part about this oven is how fast you can bake a pizza.

Capable of reaching temperatures up to 900 degrees, it can bake a margarita pizza in as fast as 90 seconds, meaning that it can bake up to 50 pizzas per hour.

The Forno Bravo oven is easy to be installed and moved around. Also, the high-quality materials that have been made from are making it capable of lasting a whole lifetime, requiring close to no maintenance.


  • Easy to fit in any outdoor living space
  • Quick installation process
  • Can bake up to 50 pizzas per hour


  • Rough clean-up after use


What Type of Wood is Ideal For a Pizza Oven?

The ideal kind of wood for your oven should be dry and dense, so it can offer the necessary amount of heat in a short time.

The most popular option is Oakwood, followed by Maplewood. However, you can explore the power of your taste buds and add all sorts of fruitwood for unique flavors.

As a tip, it’s always a good idea to use a coal bank for reaching and maintaining the highest temperatures.

What Should a Wood-Fired Pizza Taste Like?

The answer here totally depends on your taste. Generally, the classic Italian wood-fired pizza has crunchy, smoky edges, as it’s usually baked in under 2 minutes.

This unique flavor is usually craved by pizza lovers who decide to get a wood-fired oven.

What’s The Optimal Temperature Reached by a Commercial Wood-Fired Pizza Oven?

The temperature varies from 600 to 800 degrees Fahrenheit. Usually, a home-cooked pizza is cooked at 500 degrees Fahrenheit, but the process lasts at least 15 minutes and the pizza gets a soft taste.

The high temperature of a wood-fired oven bakes 2-4 pizzas in 60-90 seconds and offers a completely different flavor.

Best Commercial Wood Fired Pizza Oven

 Is it Possible To Construct a Pizza Oven Out of Ordinary Bricks?

The short answer is yes, but you shouldn’t expect the same quality. While there is a DYI option for almost any item, when it comes to building a pizza oven, it’s best to use fire bricks.

Even more, insulation plays a crucial role in the cooking process, so following professional advice when it comes to this project is probably the best solution to create a wallet-friendly, quality pizza oven.

In a Pizza Oven, Can You Use Any Kind of Wood?

If you are willing to try anything to obtain fire for your pizza oven, then any wood might work eventually.

However, if given a choice, always use hardwoods, such as oak, maple, cherry, walnut, or hickory.

These are way more efficient than softwoods and will last longer, resulting in a quicker cooking process and better pizza taste.

The Bottom Line

To sum it up, the best commercial wood-fired pizza oven is the one that combines quality, style, and functionality.

There are so many amazing brands on the market and a lot of unique, handcrafted models to pick from.

All you have to do is research and choose the perfect one for you.

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